Here is Where I Went in 2018

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

OMG! I cannot even begin to tell you about how amazing my year has been! I think this is officially the most I have traveled in a year! A majority of the places I traveled were brand new to me (which is always great). Check out a recap of where I have traveled, including links to blog posts.

1. January: Austin, Texas

We traveled to Austin at the end of January for a friend's 30th birthday. We decided to travel a day earlier so that we could visit my great aunt and uncle who also live in Austin. It was an amazing 5 fun-filled days! We ate a lot of good food as well as visited a few great breweries. Check out the two blog posts I wrote on this trip here:

  1. Travel With Me: Brewery Party Bus in Austin, Texas

  2. My Favorite Street in Austin, Texas

2. March: Las Vegas, Nevada

At the end of March, I got to go to Las Vegas for work. It was a long week of hard work as I helped to put on my work's annual Sales Summit. The week is super rewarding and we managed to fit in a bit of fun at the same time including: zip lining over Fremont street, a trip to see the 7 Magic Mountains, pool cabana, Linq High Roller Happy Half Hour Cart, and Black Tap to have crazy milkshakes! Check out the blog posts I wrote on this trip here:

  1. Linq High Roller

  2. Everything you need to know about Slotzilla

  3. Brooklyn Bowl

  4. Seven Magic Mountains

  5. Black Tap Las Vegas

3. April: Whistler, British Columbia

Just a few weeks later, we ended up taking a quick weekend trip to Whistler (I sure do talk about Whistler a lot!). I got to try out snowshoeing, which was amazing as well as gt my fill in Caesars! I wrote one blog post about this weekend that you can check out here:

  1. Travel With Me: Showshoe and Spa

4. May: Calgary, Alberta, Banff, Alberta and Jasper, Alberta

I had been dreaming of seeing Lake Louise for years now! I finally got a chance to make it a reality earlier this year. My brother had been on a road trip and it worked out that my mom and I could meet him in Banff. Check out some of what we did on our trip here:

  1. Travel With Me: Lake Agnes Tea House

  2. 5 Things to do in Banff National Park

  3. Why You Must Visit Jasper

  4. One Day in Calgary

5. June: Medford, Oregon

This trip was planned only about a month before we went! Why Medford? Well, we have friends that live there, the flight from Seattle is a quick hour and a half flight, and DUH Crater Lake. Really, the only thing we had planned was to go "white water" rafting near Grant's Pass. Unfortunately, the wildfires were really bad in Northern California / Southern Oregon so the visibility in Medford was pretty bad. We lucked out and escaped most of the smoke when we visited Crater Lake and paddled away from the smoke on our rafting trip. I will have a blog post coming soon!

6. August: Lake Tahoe

My trip to Lake Tahoe was for my bachelorette trip! As you will read in my blog post, we were actually supposed to go somewhere else. I ruined it by booking it for my 30th birthday! Tahoe was so fun! All the outdoor activities you can imagine including a pedal cart to various bars.

  1. Bachelorette Party at Lake Tahoe

7. September: Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, London

Our honeymoon trip was the trip of a lifetime! Fortunately You can read all about why we chose Maldives in one of the blog posts below! Some of the highlights of our trip include: going all the way to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, staying in an overwater villa on a private island in the Maldives, staying in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and pub hopping in London. Check out all the blog posts below!

  1. 9 Hour Layover in Dubai

  2. How I picked my resort in the Maldives

  3. All about the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

  4. Everything you need to know about Kuredu Island

  5. 48 Hours in Singapore

  6. Marina Bay Sands

  7. Gardens by the Bay - Singapore

8. October: Estes Park, Fort Collins, Denver Colorado

Where does someone go for their 30th birthday?! Well, after the year of travel I had, we decided to go a little more low key and go somewhere that has something I love: BEER! Since Denver wasn't far from Estes Park, we rented a car and got to check out the hotel the movie The Shining was set at! Oh, and we love drinking and ghost stories so we stayed in Fort Collins the first night.

  1. Fort Collins, Co Ghost and Pub Tour

9. November: Whistler, Canada

When your small business turns two, you have your first work retreat. We took that work retreat to Whistler for a quick getaway! Our highlight of the trip was checking out the Sea to Sky Gondola! We would have loved some snow but it was still beautiful!

  1. More Things to do in Whistler, B.C



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