The Ultimate Guide to a Bachelorette Party at Lake Tahoe

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

So funny story. I tasked my maid of honor with taking me to a place I have never been before. I have been to a lot of the major cities in the U.S. so I didn't know what she was going to come up with. The girls started planning the trip all the way back in January and that is also when I decided to book my 30th birthday trip coming up in October. I booked Denver and posted it on my Instagram that evening. Some of the girls saw that I had BOOKED THE SPOT THEY CHOSE FOR MY BACHELORETTE. What are the odds.

So two months into their planning and RIGHT before they started booking flight and accommodations, they had to change course. Ironically my guess when they changed locations was Lake Tahoe. They had to keep a straight face and tell me it wasn't Tahoe. Moral of the story = you can't surprise me.

If you are looking for a destination that isn't a common place to have a bachelorette but still has so many things to do, then keep reading.

Bachelorette Tip: Create a list of tasks for the bachelorette to complete during your stay. Even more fun: Assign one girl to complete a task with the bride.

Day 1

Bring a floatie to Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cove is one of the more popular beaches to hang out at. We got a house that was a quick walk to the beach. We had a flat floatie mat that fit about 4 people and enjoyed floating for a bit. This beach is usually filled with people partying so if that is what you are looking to do, you have come to the right place.

Bachelorette list task: Tried to take a photo with a groom

Parasail at Zephyr Cove

You have many options for water activities at Zephyr Cove. One of my tasks to complete was to do something you have never done before. My maid of honor treated me to a parasail experience. You go about 100 feet in the air. I was surprised that I wasn't nervous to do it but more excited! The views from 100 feet in the air were amazing. We were also so high up that we couldn't hear anything down below. It was a good peaceful 9 minutes in the air

Bachelorette list task: Do something you have never done before

Dinner at South Lake Tahoe

We took the 15 minute trip to South Lake Tahoe to have dinner in the village. The village definitely reminded me of Whistler Village in Canada. Feeling like Hawaiian? Check out Kalani's. I had the most amazing sushi and poke.

Dance the night away at Opal Nightclub

We talked to some people we met at the beach about their favorite nightclub in Tahoe. It sounds like there are only 2 and the best one is Opal nightclub at Montbleu Resort. It’s a smaller nightclub than what you might expect in Vegas but it was still super fun!

Bachelorette list task: Take a selfie with a stranger without asking them first

Day 2

Bar Peddlecart

If you are like me, this is probably something you have wanted to do for awhile! So much so, that it was on my bucket list! Because the details of this trip were a surprise, I didn't know until we were walking up to the cart that that is what we were doing! We were peddling with another group who ended up being SO much fun! We went to three locations: The Brewery at Lake Tahoe, Artemis Lake Front Café and Chimayo Tacos y Tortas. Each spot had quick service and was a fun place for us to hang out for 30 minutes

Bachelorette list task: Do something you have never done before (there were a lot of things I had never done before

Hang out at the beach

We started and ended at a beach in South Lake Tahoe behind the Beach Retreat and Lodge. This beach had a Tiki bar so we found ourselves there for a few hours knocking items off my "to do" list

Bachelorette list task:

  • Take a picture with someone in uniform

  • Take a shot with a groom

  • Get a lap dance

  • Have a guy serenade you

  • Take a Charlie's Angels pose with a stranger

Have a night at home

By this time, we had been drinking for over 6 hours and didn't need to go out any more. We got the idea to have pizza and salad at home and enjoy time in the hot tub. Oh, and cook s'mores.

Day 3

Secret Cove

After I found out we were going to Tahoe, I immediately pulled up Pinterest and showed everyone the amazing paddle boarding photos with the super clear water and the giant boulders submerged. I found out that one of the spots was called secret cove. Since we rented a van, we were able to caravan ourselves here. We arrived at 9:30 and the small parking lot was already full. Be ready to park on the side of the road and hike down a cliff to meet up with the walking trail. When we got here, we were all amazed at how beautiful the cove was. (side note, it was a nude beach so be ready for that). The water is cold but we all slowly warmed up to it so we could stand on the boulders in the water. This place is definitely a place you can't miss!

Late flight out of Reno? Head to Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

We were all hung over and tired from the long, adventure filled weekend. We found out that the Grand Sierra Resort will let you pay $20 to hang out at their pool area for the day. After lunch we spend about 4 hours here. The pool area is nice and large and we didn't feel crowded here! This is a great way to spend a few hours before a late flight.

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