Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Fremont Street Zipline in Las Vegas

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

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If you have or have never been to Las Vegas, chances are you have still heard about the zip line over Fremont Street in Old Las Vegas. Slotzilla opened less than 8 years ago and has been a main attraction on Fremont Street ever since. The Slotzilla website gives you the main FAQ items but here are some things you can't full learn until you experience it for yourself.

1. Don't book other activities within 3 hours of your Slotzilla time

They tell you on their website that you may not fly until 1 hour past your reserved time slot. TRY MORE LIKE 2-2.5 hours. Just when you think you are almost there, you have one more line to snake through. We made the sad mistake of scheduling the Neon Museum for 2 hours after our time slot (thinking we would be safe) and we missed it.

2. You have to take a black bag

What does that mean? Well, chances are if you are a gal you are carrying a purse with you. The black bag is where you put your belongings so they can ride down with you. Even if you aren't carrying anything you need to take a bag with you. Just standard protocol.

3. Riding in the evening NOT in the summer?

It is going to get a bit chilly! Standing in line for 2 hours with just a light jacket was almost not enough. The higher you got, the windier and colder it got. Those last 45 minutes of waiting were not fun.

4. Have you been out drinking?

If you have been drinking before your ride, be careful to not act publically intoxicated. They won't let you on the ride! We saw a few people who had made it part way up be turned away.

5. The ride lasts 30 seconds

Sure, it is a super fun ride, but just decide for yourself if it is worth standing in line for 2 hours for the 30 second ride. If you do decide to do it, I highly recommend doing the Superman version where you are laying stomach down. You are higher up and you also travel faster!

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