Feature Friday with Sara: A Review on Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I was so happy that another one of my friends allowed me to plan a surprise destination trip for them! I did this one a bit different. I provided an itinerary but didn't lock them in to any activities by booking ahead. If you missed the two posts on the first trip I planned for a friend, check those posts out here:

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Now, check out Sara's review on her surprise destination trip!

Name: Sara Lewis

Short bio about yourself: I am 28 years old, live in Kirkland Washington and am an Administrative Assistant. I recently switched jobs and had a little time off between jobs but a tight budget, my goal was for this to be a relaxing trip because switching jobs is stressful.

Where do you live: I live in Kirkland, Washington.

Why do you travel: I have not done a lot of traveling but I have always wanted too, so within the past couple of years I have decided to stop wishing I was traveling and seeing new places and to just do it. I went to London and Paris last year and will hopefully be going on another long trip next year. This year with the job change I decided to keep things closer to home because I have not taken the time to see what the U.S. has to offer. .

Were you nervous letting someone else plan a surprise destination trip:

I was nervous about having someone else plan the trip, but it was exciting too since I know Heidi loves to travel and always goes to amazing places.

Were you surprised when you found out where you were going? I was very surprised to see that we were going to Scottsdale, if I had to guess I would have thought we would have gone to Texas, or Tennessee, just because I had mentioned them to Heidi before. 

What was your favorite part of the trip: I think my favorite part of the trip was going out in downtown Scottsdale at night. We got to check out a few different local breweries which was a lot of fun. Also we went to an amazing whiskey bar that Heidi recommended called Second Story. The bar was a lot of fun, and cocktails were so good. 

Was there anything you would change: The one bad thing was how hot and humid it was, we went at the beginning of monsoon season so the humidity was a lot higher than normal. It made it hard to do things because my sister and I were not used to the heat. Luckily the resort we stayed in had a pool which we made good use of. They also had a pool party on Saturday with live DJ's which was a lot of fun.

Would you let Heidi plan a trip for you again? I would definitely let Heidi plan a trip for me again. She was so organized and had tons of different restaurants or bars for us to check out as well as a different activity each day, like Top Golf, the Botanical Gardens and even a hike(which we decided not to do because of the heat). Heidi did such a great job planning everything out she even booked the trip for my sister so she could fly in from Portland and meet me in Scottsdale for a couple days of the trip.

What are a few must see spots in Scottsdale: If you do go to Scottsdale I highly recommend going to Second Story for cocktails and Virtu Honest Cafe for Brunch. Casablanca rooftop lounge was really cool as well I got a lavender mule which was delicious and probably the prettiest drink I have ever had.

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