Featured Friday With Bre: 5 Things to do at Lake Havasu

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

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About the author: My name is Breanne, I’ve lived in the beautiful PNW for my whole life and I’ve been friends with Heidi for 20+ years! When I’m not busy with my studies for nursing school, I love traveling, hiking, practicing yoga, spending time with my friends and family and enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Why do you travel: I travel because I love the feeling you get when you go to a new place for the very first time, where for a brief moment everything is brand new. Even going to a place you've been before and building off of those memories is an amazing experience.

5 Things to do at Lake Havasu

It’s such a privilege to write a travel post for one of my lifelong friend’s travel blog!

This past week I traveled down to Arizona with a group of friends for spring break. We flew into Las Vegas and then drove the 2+ hours to Lake Havasu, where we were lucky enough to stay with a friend’s grandparents.

Here are my top things to do while staying in Lake Havasu:

1) Spend a relaxing day at the pool. Whether its at the hotel or house, it’s a great way to jump into the vacation and to start soaking up the sun. We enjoyed some margaritas and fresh squeezed orange juice!

2) Go see the London Bridge. This bridge actually came from London in 1968! The city founder, Andrew McCulloch bought it after placing the winning bid on it. Around the area are some local artists shops, you can also rent out boats, jet skis, paddle boards and kayaks here. See if you can find the wishing locks located on the bridge.

3) Take the historic Route 66 to the ghost town of Oatman. This was an adorable quirky town that used to be an old mining town that was deserted after the mines ran dry. We had fun petting and feeding the wondering burros, as well enjoying food and drinks at the Dine N’ Dance where the whole inside is covered with dollar bills.

4) Spend a day on the Lake. We took out a couple of jet skis and had a blast running them around the lake. We then headed down the Colorado River where we putted through the Canyon side. If you take this far enough, there is a pirate cove with a bar right on the water.

5) Go bar hopping and enjoy all the local food. There are a bunch of locally owned bars just a short distance from each other. We really enjoyed The Nautical, which is right on the beach and where the drinks are strong. There is also Kokomo’s, R Bar, Mudshark Brewery, and a few others. We spent our last night at R Bar which was a great dive bar with karaoke and free pool and friendly locals. If you’re looking for an upscale place for dinner, we went to Shugrue’s for a birthday dinner for me and my friend; the food and service were absolutely amazing.

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