I Went on a Ghost Tour & Drank Beer in Fort Collins Colorado

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So, if you have known me for a long time, you know I like "haunted" places, archaeological sites and abandoned places. When I booked the trip to Denver for my 30th birthday, I initially planned to spend the first night at the Stanley Hotel. Unfortunately, I realized too late that we were technically staying at the hotel for Halloween weekend so we lost out on being able to do the Stanley Hotel ghost tour. Because of this we decided to head to Fort Collins where I found a walking pub ghost tour. What is better than that?! Drinking and listening to ghost stories? Yes, please!

We had little expectations about this tour but were hoping for the best. We met in Old Fort Collins and were greeted by our guide who was dressed in a black top hat, black cape and an English accent. Here is how our night went:

First Stop: Coppermuse Distillery

We walked from Old Town over to this spot. Every was commenting on how cool the container restaurants and bars were that we were surprised to be going to this spot as our first spot. How could this place be haunted? We were taken into the distilling room where we were provided a special menu of drinks to order while we listened to ghost stories. I ordered a copper mule which was so delicious! Our guide had a drink with us as he told stories about more recent ghost encounters in Colorado as well as ones from the past. Coppermuse Distillery ended up being built on land that was supposed to be haunted!

Second Stop: Prost

We left Coppermuse and walked only about 2 minutes down an alleyway to Prost. The group I was travelling with had already planned to stop here after the ghost tour so we were excited to be able to go here on the tour. Again, they had drink deals for us since we were with the tour. I chose a michelada which has one of their beers along with spices and sauces. It is kind of like a bloody mary, but made with beer as the base. We were then taken behind the bar, down to the all dirt basement of the bar where we started our ghost stories. We each were then given the chance to use the EMF meter which tracks electromagnetic fields which are what ghosts are said to have. It beeped in a few spots but otherwise we didn’t encounter anything here.

Third Stop: Pinball Jones

This was our last stop on our ghost tour. We walked through rows of pinball machines and other games. We chose a drink which we took to the very back of the bar where we finished with a few more ghost tours and a chance to use the EMF meter again. It beeped in one corner of the bar but otherwise we didn't notice anything. Since the tour ended at Pinball Jones, we spend about 30 minutes after the tour playing in all the pinball machines!

Overall, if you are in Fort Collins, I would highly recommend this tour. The combination of drinking, ghost stories and the bars we went to made it so much fun! You can check the tour out here: Fort Collins Ghost Tours

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