Here are 4 Things to do Outdoors in Victoria, BC

Updated: May 13, 2020

Having been to Victoria several times over the years, I discover something new to see every time I visit!. It is a great little getaway that is only a few hour trip from Seattle! In this post, I will share all the things you can do outdoors in Victoria.. rain or shine, warm or cold.

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens are always a great place to go when you head to Victoria. You can buy shuttle tickets ahead of time and it’s about a 45min bus ride away from downtown. It’s actually a really nice ride because the driver will educate you about the city and before you know it – you’re there! (Or if you choose to, you can nap!) This is a great place to visit in any season!

Spring / Summer - Butchart Gardens is known for their abundant and well-maintained grounds. Every spring and summer, you can visit and check out the amazing flowers and various gardens. The colors you experience here are amazing. There is something to look at every where you turn. During the summer, Butchart Gardens also offers concerts throughout the summer! It really is a great atmosphere.

Fall / Winter - During the fall and winter months, Butchart Gardens is transformed into a winter wonderland. The grounds are decorated with thousands of Christmas lights. Like the spring and summer months, every where you turn you experience a different winter wonderland scene! There is an ice skating rink that I haven't had a chance to check out yet. My favorite thing to do before I head out to check out the Christmas lights is to grab a coffee to keep my hands warm while I walk around!

The Breakwater

I have seen amazing photos of the breakwater on Instagram, but only recently made it here to actually see it in person. I was hoping for a sunny day where I could work with the lighting and take an amazing photo, but the day I visited, it was cloudy. This is a really cool walk out to a lighthouse with water almost surrounding you. You can even go down off the path and walk along rocks. The walk takes about 20 minutes to reach the lighthouse. The breakwater sits out in the middle of the water and makes for amazing views of the inner harbor.

Fisherman's Wharf

On my most recent trip to Victoria, I discovered the Fisherman’s Wharf. When you arrive from Seattle or Port Angeles by ferry, you can see the little bright, colorful floating homes. You wouldn’t think too much of it, unless you walk over and check it out. The Fisherman’s Wharf actually has a bunch of small places that you can grab food. Think of it as a grouping of food trucks but on the water. There are some tables you can sit and enjoy your food. We noticed that the main attraction at the Fisherman’s Wharf ended up being the seals that gather in the hopes that someone will drop food for them.

The Parliament Building

One of the more iconic places in the Victoria Inner Harbor is the Parliament Building. It is a great place to go and take some photos. During the Christmas season, the Parliament Building is lit up with Christmas lights.

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