I Ate at the World's Highest Urban Microbrewery. Here's My Experience.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Singapore. Arguably one of the most amazing cities in the world. I recently got the opportunity to have an extended layover here on my long journey home to Seattle from the Maldives. In doing my research I came across the word's tallest urban microbrewery (with a view of the Marina Bay Sands in the background). I knew we HAD to go here because #beer! This restaurant was just one stop out of many in our quick two days in Singapore. If you want to read more about what to do in Singapore read about my 48 hours in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay and my review on the Marina Bay Sands!

What is the restaurant I am talking about? Keep reading

The best way to get to this microbrewery is to stay in a hotel in the Marina District and walk. A few recommendations are:

  • Marina Bay Sands - this is an obvious choice for me. It is a once in a lifetime type of hotel. If you missed my post all about my experience here, check it out!

  • The Westin Singapore - Obsessing over the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool but don't want to pay the price to stay there? The Westin also has an infinity pool with some pretty amazing views.

  • The Fullerton Bay Hotel - We were gawking over how cool this hotel looked from afar. It is right on the bay with a rooftop pool as well (do you see a trend here?)

The walk from the Marina Bay Sands took about 15 minutes. The views on the way were out of this world. I felt so relaxed and safe walking around both during the day and at night mainly due to how clean the city is and how little crime there is. There are video cameras everywhere. You can even go to jail for spitting gum on the sidewalks. Take your time to really take in how amazing this city is.

The restaurant is: Level33

It is located in the financial area of the Marina District. We were in Singapore on a Thursday evening and saw so many men and women in suits and skirts enjoying happy hour at many of the restaurants with outdoor seating.


I would highly recommend making a reservation. You can do this via the reservations page on their website. I really wanted to sit out on the patio with the unobstructed views of the marina. I am not sure if this is the requirement all the time, or because the Formula-1 races were in Singapore, but we had to agree to either spend $100 SGD or if we didn't meet that amount, it would be automatically charged. We agreed to it after looking at the menu. Keep in mind if you are using the US Dollar, spending $100 SGD means you would end up spending roughly $75 USD after conversion.

You will head into the MBFC Building, Tower 1. There is a special elevator JUST for Level33 Restaurant. When you get to the 33rd level, you will exit the elevator right into the restaurant. There are a bunch of brewery barrels brewing their beer at the entrance.

We didn't have to wait long for our table since we had made a reservation. We were seated right at the railing with unobstructed views of the marina. We also got there at a great time! We got to see sunset. I couldn't stop taking photos because the view was to die for.

In true Heidi beer fashion, I ordered a beer tasting flight to figure out what beer I enjoyed. The little tasting glasses were super cute.

One thing to note here, be prepared to spend a few hours here. I am not sure if the restaurant was more crowded than normal due to Formula-1 but the service was super slow. I'm talking...20 minutes to order our first drink, 20 minutes to order food, 45 minutes for the appetizers to come out, 20 more minutes to order pints of beer and then our main courses didnt come out for over an hour. We thought we had been forgotten, or maybe they were just trying to give us time to enjoy that view and to spend our $100 SGP.

Luckily the food, beer and VIEWS by far made up for the service. We also enjoyed talking with some Australians who were in town for the Formula-1 races! Small world, out of all the places in the world they had been, they had visited the small island in Washington my husband grew up in! What are the odds.

We finally left 3 hours after we were seated and were met with a wait at the elevator to go down as everyone seemed to be leaving at the same time.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting Level33. Be prepared to be there a bit longer than you would think..but that gives you more time to enjoy the views, drink the beer and enjoy the amazing food!


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