I've Been Polling My Travel Instagram and Here Are the Results

If you didn't know, Instagram created a way for users to poll their audience through Instagram stories about a year ago. I have fully taken advantage of this feature because it is a way for me to not only connect with my audience, but to also find out exactly which way my audience swings. Not only for the content that I write, but also for the content that I post. I gathered the responses from about 10 different polls to show the preferences and travel styles of my audience.

Question 1: Would you rather explore Europe or Asia?

Europe: 69% / Asia 31%

Question 2: Would you rather spend a month traveling Europe or Asia

Europe 57% / Asia 43%

I asked question 1 about 2 months before I asked question 2. I have noticed a trend over the past few months toward exploring Asia. Not only is the US dollar stronger in Asia, but I feel that Asia isn't posted online as much as Europe. Influence is strong though. Once a few of the larger Instagram travel accounts start to post dreamy, beautifully edited photos then everyone else begins to follow the trend toward that area. Right now, I have seen an influx of Vietnam posts! I will still say that I would rather travel to Europe than Asia in the current moment, however, I am planning a trip to Asia early next year!

Question 3: Have you been to Singapore?

Yes: 35% / No: 65%

Ever since I traveled to Singapore back in September, I have been telling everyone to go there! I immediately felt comfortable, safe and it was so clean! The futuristic nature of the city also amazes me, not to mention Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay! If you missed some of my posts from Singapore, check them out below. I am sure it will convince you to add it or move it up on your bucket list of travels.

Question 4: Don't lie, do you find yourself picking places to travel for the Instagram photos?

Yes: 80% / No: 20%

This one was interesting for me. As I mentioned in the first few questions, a lot of the Instagram photos come from the influence of another Instagrammer. I have found myself saving images of places that I want to travel to for future reference. I don't really pick my photos based on the photos I want to take for Instagram, but rather I choose the places I want to travel and then will research all the amazing places to take photos afterward. Here are some amazing photos that were taken from being influenced by another person:

Question 5: What's your preferred vacation?

Beach: 70% / City: 30%

In general, I was in the minority. I can really only enjoy hanging out at a beach and relax for 1-2 days. I am the type of traveler that wants to knock out a ton of sites and cities in just a few days, especially if I had to fly more than 10 hours to get there. The Maldives was a good example. We were there for our honeymoon for a week. The thing that made the trip worth it was the Dubai, London and Singapore layovers. I was able to knock out 4 places in 2 weeks!

Question 6: Have you been to Las Vegas before?

Yes: 74% / No: 26%

Out of all the places I have traveled out of my home state of Washington, this is the city I have traveled to the most. I counted the other day and in the 9 years of being of drinking age, I have been to Las Vegas 12 times! It is my favorite city to write about in my blog as well. I have managed to stay at a different hotel each time as well as explore different activities each time as well! If you want some Las Vegas inspiration for you 26% who haven't made it there yet, check out these posts below:

Question 7: Do you prefer to fly in the AM or PM?

AM: 66% / PM: 34%

I hands down agree with the majority here. Even though the morning of an early flight is brutal, I would much rather arrive in a destination earlier in the day vs. later. Since I have to pay for a hotel or AirBNB stay that night anyway, I would rather get there before or right at check in time to take advantage of any amenities the property may have. Oh, and I always get to the airport in record speed because I am avoiding all of that crazy Seattle traffic!

Question 8: Do you prefer an aisle or window seat on a flight?

Aisle: 36% / Window: 64%

As I stated in the picture, I love sitting window. However, I have a husband who much prefers the aisle. We switch off sacrificing our preferences by taking the dreaded middle seat. My absolute favorite thing to do is get that amazing airplane window photo! Like this one:

Question 9: Do you prefer beer or wine?

Beer: 20% / Wine: 80%

As a die hard beer lover, I was so sad to see that so many of you much prefer wine! My preferred beer style is a good, hoppy IPA! Some of my favorite breweries are Ninkasi, Fremont Brewing, and Lucille. However, a fun thing to do with my girl friends on a Sunday is a day of wine tasting where I then prefer a nice, full bodied red.

Question 10: Do you live in the city or the suburbs?

The City: 30% / The Suburbs: 70%

I have always been a suburbs gal. I love parking lots and large retail stores. However, it is nice to get my city time in by traveling there Monday - Friday for work. I can experience the cool mom and pop restaurants, but escape home to my comfort.

If you didn't answer my polls on Instagram, I would love to know how you would have answered these! Did you agree with the majority? Where did you differ?

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