I Went to a Lavender Festival in My State. Here is Where to Go!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Imagine rows and rows of beautiful purple flowers in the warm sun, a soft scent blowing in the wind! Not everyone likes the smell of lavender but you can't deny the beautiful scenery that lavender fields provide! I had a chance to go to a local lavender festival last year! If you live in the Seattle area and want a fun getaway filled with all the lavender things, then check out the lavender festival in Sequim!

The 2018 Lavender festival runs next weekend! July 20 - 22.

Sequim is a small town about 2 hours Northwest of Seattle. You can easily get to it by taking a 20 minute ferry ride out of Edmonds over to Kingston. From there, the drive takes a little over an hour. The town of Sequim is small, at just over 7,500 people and definitely has that small town feel.

Fun Fact: Sequim and the surrounding area is known for its commercial production of lavender making it the "Lavender capital of North America!"

Don't be overwhelmed by the mass amount of lavender farms and events you can visit. Here are my suggestions for the top things to do in just a day in Sequim (did I mention they are all free?)

1. Martha Lane Lavender

We made this our first stop and I am so happy we did. We got to enjoy Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Honey ice cream and watched the process of pulling the oil from the lavender plant. There are quite a few different varieties to check out. All varieties look very different!

2. B&B Family Lavender Farm

This is a really nice lavender farm. Like Martha's Lane, this farm also has quite a few varieties of lavender that you can roam through. A unique feature to this farm is their giant barn where the owner will take you on a tour to the different parts of their barn. There are sheets of lavender hanging to dry and huge vats of dried lavender buds in its final process. B&B also has a small shop where you can get lotions, teas, etc.

3. Lavender Connection

Lavender Connection was our next stop. This farm is also beautiful and has a ton of rows of lavender. Their shop was one of my favorites with quite a variety of things to buy. Outside there was a booth where you could mix your own perfume which I loved as well!

4. Victor's Lavender

By now you are probably hungry! Victor's had my favorite atmosphere. This was one of the most popular farms because they were cooking up lavender sausages and lavender tamales! I purchased my new FAVORITE lavender lotion: Black Lavender Goat Milk Cream. I just ran out and I am so sad about it!

5. Street Fair

The last stop of the day should be the street festival in downtown Sequim. There are a ton of craft and food booths including a beer garden! We spend about 2 hours here.

This is definitely not a trip I would have expected to take, but my mom had been wanting to go for a long time and I am glad that I went! Have you been to a lavender field or lavender festival? What did you think?

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