I Love the LINQ High Roller in Las Vegas. Here's Why.

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

In the last five years, the Linq High Roller in the middle of the Las Vegas strip had become an icon and an amazing addition. Since I used to frequent Vegas several times a year, I have had the opportunity to go on the high roller three times!

The high roller pods hold about 20 people in each pod.. With room! You can fully stand and not feel claustrophobic. The pods are air conditioned and heated for the seasons which is a savior in the Vegas summers. At the top, you are 550 feet high!

Here are my tips for having the best time on the high roller

Go at night

There is no better view than seeing the strip from 550 feet at night. In my opinion, Las Vegas looks its best at night with all the hotels lit up and the Luxor light shining straight into space

There is always a deal online Don't pay full price. I almost always find a deal on Groupon or Livingsocial. (don't forget to use Ebates). Depending on what time you decide to go, prices can range from $22 to $47. It will be more expensive to ride at night, drink cart or no drink cart. 

Happy half hour VS. Regular pod

I'm sure by now someone has told you about the happy half our cart. The first time I went on the pod, the happy half hour cart wasn't a thing. The pod was fun but for 30 minutes I would have rather been drinking. The happy half our cart gives you unlimited drinks for 30 minutes. If you are looking to maximize your time, get a drink every 1/4 of the way and right at the bottom get a drink to go. The happy half hour pod costs about $15 more than a regular pod which is worth it!

Don't get stuck in the souvenir shop

Like most places these days, at the end of your experience, they force you through a souvenir shop in hopes that you spend some money. Skip it and skip the area where they want you to buy the photo of you with a super imposed Linq High Roller in the back (although I didn't take my own advice and bought one…but we were in a group of 12 people)

Linq Promenade

Probably my favorite part of going on the Linq High Roller is being able to hang out in the Linq Promenade. There are so many cool restaurants to check out including In N Out! I ate there twice on my last visit to Vegas. One of my other favorite spots to hang out is Brooklyn Bowl.

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