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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

If people ask me for suggestions on a place for a quick weekend getaway, I always lead with Whistler! I LOVE Whistler! It is a pretty easy 4 hour drive from Seattle. Each time I visit, I always manage to find something to do that I haven't done before. If you have missed all my other Whistler posts, check them out here:

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On this trip to Whistler, it was for a different reason other than just hanging out and having fun. When I am not working my 9-5 job or traveling, I am working on my side hustle with one of my friends. We went for our first work retreat so that we could work out all the business things needed to transition our wedding business!

Our husbands got to tag along with us so they could enjoy their time in Whistler while we were held up in the Airbnb all day Saturday. We still managed to have a good time and experience some new things. Here is a great weekend itinerary if you are visiting Whistler any time soon!

Day 1

  • Driving - If you are traveling from Seattle, I recommend leaving around 10-10:30 so that you can have a chance to avoid long lines at the border.

  • Travel tip: when you get close to the border, check the wait times to determine what border crossing to use. We typically will go to the Sumas crossing if the Peace Arch wait is 45 minutes or longer.

  • Stop in Function Junction. This was typically the place that just drove by, however, on our last trip to Whistler, we ended up stopping there and I loved it! Here are some places I recommend:

  1. Whistler Brewing Company: This is a great place to stop for a beer (or two) and to grab some lunch!

  2. Coast Mountain Brewery: The other brewery in Function Junction is the tiny Coast Mountain Brewery! They have a great variety of beer.

Day 2

  • Check out the Whistler Sliding Center: Check their events calendar to see if something is going on when you are there. Guess what? Have you wanted to try the downhill bobsled or the luge? You can actually sign up to do this here!

  • Do the intermediate Showshoe Tour: Need something else to do? Take another showshoe tour. Missed my Whistler post from April, I linked a beginners showshoe tour there but there are so many other routes you can take.

Eat & Drink

  • Breakfast: Stonesedge for breakfast poutine and eggs benny

  • Lunch: Dubb Linh (get it?) for a pretzel with cheese and stone mustard

  • Dinner: Sushi at Nagomi Sushi in the Upper Whistler Village. Order the Kani Blossom.

  • After dinner drinks: Fitzsimmons Pub for beer and a few games of Connect 4 and Yahtzee

Day 3

On the way home, stop at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. From Whistler it will take you about 35 minutes to get there. The gondola costs roughly $35 USD per adult. The gondola ride takes about 10 minutes and provides stunning scenery on your way up.

Photo Spots:

  1. Walk through the lodge out to the back patio. You will be met with stunning views of the water.

  2. Get photos of the suspension bridge. If you are afraid of moving bridges and heights, I warned you.

  3. Walk across the suspension bridge and snap some photos standing on the rock ledge overlooking the water.

  4. Head on the trail where you can get some stunning trail shots (or if you go during the holidays you can take photos among their holiday decorations)

Any spots you recommend I check out in Whistler? Let me know!

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