I Love This Street in Austin, Texas. Here is Why!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

A lot of people I encounter are always asking me for food and drink recommendations when they travel. The only problem with asking me: I could care less about the food I eat when I travel. I am typically more interested in what castles or ruins I can see! On a trip to Austin in January, I traveled with a larger group for a friend's 30th birthday. On one of the last days, we ended up spending quite a few hours on one street filled with fun and unique places to eat and drink.

Rainey Street:

Why do I love Rainey Street? Rainey street is located in the East Caesar Chavez area of Austin and is very close to the Colorado River. The restaurant and food truck courts are all close together so in a three block radius there are probably 25 options of places to eat or drink. The reason we made it to Rainey Street in the first place was because of:

Get Your Name on the Wait list at: Bangers Sausage House

Watch a lot of Food Network Channels or read a lot of Buzzfeed stories? Chances you saw Bangers on the list for their Manmosa Challenge. They give you a giant stein of one bottle of champagne and orange juice. The challenge is just to finish it, however, you will see a lot of bachelorette / bachelor groups there chugging it! One of my favorite parts of Bangers is the atmosphere. The outdoor picnic tables and awnings give it an Oktoberfest feel.

Travel Tip: Due to popularity, you may be on a wait list. We were on a 2 hour wait list with 10 people but they use an app that shows you where you are in line. We were able to go to a few other places first.

Grab a Quick Drink at: Craft Pride

Like trying unique cocktails? Visiting Craft Pride on the weekend? Check out their list of brunch drinks. I tried the Grapefruit mimosa. Others in our group had the Michelada (clamato juice and tomato juice), and the beermosa (beer and orange juice). If you want to eat here, there is a pizza food truck in the back that serves a mean breakfast pizza.

Eat at the Food Trucks at: Rainey Street Food Truck Lot

Don't feel like sitting down to eat? Check out this food truck lot with about 8 different truck options!

Eat and Drink Outside: The Alibi and Belly Up Food Truck

I was pleasantly surprised to find a bar with a cool outdoor atmosphere combined with a food truck that has poke! I LOVE poke and get it almost every chance I get! The day we were on Rainey Street, we lucked out with a super sunny day. We got to sit outside across from one of the bar windows, drink their mimosa special and watch sports.

End Your Visit on Rainey Street at: Container Bar

This is one of the most unique bars I have ever gone to, and I wish there was one closer to home. This container bar is made of about 5 shipping containers all stacked together. There are so many places to hang out. We found a spot at the top of one of the containers with room for our group of 10! It can get a little busy on the first floor where the bar is, but the bar has good music and is super fun!

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