Here is My Travel Bucketlist

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I wish I should have made my bucket list a long time ago, because I would have checked off a ton of places already. As my travels get more and more elaborate and the influences of Pinterest and Instagram change what I want to see, I decided to finally take a few months and create a bucket list.

Sure, there are probably some things I haven't thought of or have forgotten to include, but here are some things that will hopefully inspire you or remind you to add to your own bucket list.

Not location specific

  • Hike a glacier

  • Kayak a glacier

  • Drink a "crazy milkshake"

  • Go to a private sandbar in a tropical location

  • Stay overnight in a tree house

  • See the Northern Lights

  • Stay in an over water bungalow

  • Ride in a hot air balloon

  • Go on a beer pedal cart

Middle East

  • Visit Petra in Jordan

  • Visit the pyramids in Egypt


  • Go to flamingo beach

  • Swim with the pigs in the Bahamas


  • Go on an African safari

  • Stay at Riad Yasmine in Morocco and get a photo at the pool

  • Visit Chefchaoen

  • Stay at Giraffe Manor


  • Visit Bali and visit the Heaven's Gate

  • Go to Angkor Wat

  • Have a floating breakfast in Bali

  • Visit the rice paddy fields in Bali

  • Visit the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

  • Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa

  • Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

  • Stay at the Local Cave Hotel

  • Get a photo in the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

  • Visit Cappadocia, Turkey to see the hot air balloons


  • Stay in a globe hotel (Finland)

  • Ski in Zermat Switzerland

  • See the Matterhorn

  • Eat at Piz Gloria in Switzerland

  • Amalfi Coast

  • Visit the Burg Eltz castle in Germany

  • Visit the Aqua Dome Hotel in Langenfeld, Austria

  • Visit Christmas markets in Europe

  • See the Eiffel Tower with snow

  • Ride bikes in Amsterdam

  • Blue Lagoon in Iceland

  • Caves in Iceland

South America

  • Machu Picchu

  • Visit the pink lakes of Los Colorados

  • Visit Huacachina Oasis in Peru

North America

  • See the frozen bubbles at Abraham Lake in Alberta Canada

  • Visit horseshoe bend

  • Hike Antelope Canyon

  • Visit Joshua Tree


  • Camp on the ice in Antarctica

  • Polar plunge in Antarctica


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