My Week of Outfits - November 15 - 21, 2019

I have so many interests that I decided to start sharing more of the things I love on my travel blog in order to connect with you all in a different way! Don't worry, my travel posts won't be going away any time soon, but you will now see more clothing and lifestyle posts including: weekly outfit inspiration with shop links, lifestyle items and my travel must haves and packing hacks.

My Sizing:

You will notice that I will call out how the clothing item fits on me so that you can decide how it might fit on you. I tend to purchase clothing sizes based on how I want them to fit. So even though a medium may seem like it will be too big, that may be the way I want it to fit once I have styled it.

I am 5'3" and weigh about 125 lbs.

  • Tops: Either a small or medium

  • Jackets: Either a small or medium

  • Sweaters: Generally a size small.

  • Pants: A Small or medium and either size 2 or 4

  • Dresses: A size 4 or small

  • Shoes: A consistent size 8

Click the links below to shop the items!

  • Jacket: (Similar) - In the winter, I wear a Northface down jacket. They are pricey but WORTH it! I am now on my 3rd year wearing one, and honestly, it is the most warm I have ever been. Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Option 4

Friday, November 15, 2019

  • Flower Shirt: (Exact) Size M for an oversized fit - I love this shirt! It was hand drawn by an artist based in Utah. I follow her Instagram and have also purchased a flower phone case!

  • Houndstooth Jacket: (Exact) Size S (true to size) - This black and white jacket is just thick enough to not require another jacket, but also thin enough to not be bulky and can be worn at work all day!

  • Pants: (Similar) Size 26

  • Shoes: (Exact) Size 8 - Combat boots are a staple I always try and keep in my wardrobe

Saturday, November 16, 2019

  • Shirt: (Exact) Size M for an oversized fit - This is one of the softest tops I have bought in a long time. It is a cross between a sweater material and a basic jersey t-shirt. It is slightly thicker than a t-shirt and at the time of this going live, is on sale for only $10!

  • Leather Button Up (Exact) Size S (true to size) - Can you tell I am obsessed? You will probably see me post about it a lot! This leather shirt is super versatile. Wear it as an over shirt un-buttoned or button it up and tuck it in to some jeans. Another Option here.

  • Pants: (Similar) Size 27

Sunday, November 17, 2019

  • Flannel: (Exact) Size M for an oversized fit - I love purchasing a new flannel to add to my wardrobe once a year. This one I purchased to be loose and oversized and is so soft!

  • Leather Button Up (Exact) Size S (true to size) - The leather shirt again! Another Option here.

  • Pants: (Similar) Option 1 / Option 2 - The exact ones aren't available anymore, but I saved a few acid wash style jeans for you.

  • Shoes: (Exact) Size 8 - These are great, basic Chelsea boots that are also water resistant. As a Seattle girl who commutes to work, I love having something that won't leak if I am walking in the rain!

Monday, November 18, 2019

  • Seattle Graphic Tee: (Exact) Size M for an oversized fit - I got this one on a whim in the Sea-Tac airport at the Subpop store. I don't typically like Seattle graphic tees, but this one was my FAVORITE and I had to have it!

  • Jacket: - I bought the one in the photo 2nd hand from a blogger a few years ago and love how 90's it looks.

  • Pants: (Similar) -

  • Shoes: (Exact) Size 8 - 2nd day in a row wearing the Chelsea boots!

  • Glasses: (Similar) - I wear glasses to see in "high definition" far away and for night driving. I don't see a point in spending a ton of money on frames. I now own about 6 pairs from Eye Buy Direct and highly recommend!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  • Sweater: (Exact) Size M for an oversized fit - I have been trying to buy more neutral items recently, however, I couldn't pass up this sweater which has pink, yellow, blue stitching throughout, but isn't so bright and loud that it still kind of feels like a neutral.

  • Jeans (Exact) - i have been all about high waisted, wide leg jeans!

  • Shoes: (Exact) Size 8 - Combat boots are a staple I always try and keep in my wardrobe

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

  • Shirt (Similar) - I always forget about this shirt! This thermal henley is SO SOFT! The one I am wearing is last year's style at Nordstrom. I linked this year's version which is equally as nice!

  • Jeans (Similar) - I wanted some unique jeans and found these front seam jeans that have open slits in the front! They are also super comfortable.

  • Shoes (Exact) Size 8 - I wanted boots that weren't black or brown. I bought these from Target on a whim and they have now become my most comfortable boots. I now want them in every color.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

  • Long Sleeve Shirt (Similar) - The Nordstrom basics are some of my favorites. The one I am wearing is from about 4 years ago and it is still going strong!

  • Leather Jacket (Similar) - I have also owned this leather jacket for about 3 years. It is definitely a staple in my closet and I wear it ALL the time (probably too much).

  • Jeans (Similar) - I love wide leg jeans. The End. I linked some Madewell ones that are actually on sale for only $50 (which is a great deal for Madewell jeans!)

  • Shoes (Similar) Option 1 / Option 2 - I definitely wear these on special occasions because of the heel. Since I take 1 or 2 buses & walk to work, I usually choose comfort over fashion. Today, I felt like stepping it up a notch because I have an even after work.

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