I Planned a Surprise Destination Trip For My Best Friend. Here is How I Planned

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

What the heck is "Leave it to me with HMG?"

Have you heard of that company "Pack up and Go?" It is a company that you trust to plan a surprise destination trip. My friend was talking about using them to help plan her spring break trip, but I took on the challenge!

I had her fill out a questionnaire that told me dates, budget, things her and her boyfriend enjoy doing, the last five locations she has traveled and five places she would love to go.

I ended up choosing a destination that was actually on her list. She tried guessing where I chose for two months leading up to her trip and never once guessed destinations she actually wrote on her questionnaire!

How did I plan?

I did the planning for this trip the same way I plan for myself: I create an itinerary in Excel including a tally of their budget along the way. I made sure to book / pay for the flight about two months before, reserved the hotel for them and even booked four activities for them.

I gave her envelopes with the itinerary and confirmation numbers for everything I had booked. I allowed her to open the destination at the airport that morning as well as the itinerary for the day. Each day I built in a reminder for them to open the next day's so each day was a surprise!

1. Comedy Show

This was on her list. It is something that she really enjoys doing. I also found a great rooftop bar for them to eat dinner at that was near the comedy show.

2. Brewery Bike Tour

Selfishly, this has been on my bucket list for a few years. When I saw this, I booked it for my friend! Duke City Peddler took them to several different breweries around the city!

3. Hot Air Balloon

I was SO EXCITED for them to open the envelope and see this! The destination I chose for them is pretty well known for hot air balloons so I knew right when I chose it that I had to book this for them!

4. Cultural Dance

One of the things she told me was she like cultural things. In their hotel, they had a dinner show with cultural dancing!

You are probably wondering where I sent them: ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO!

Stay tuned for Friday's featured guest post! My friend spills the beans on what she thought of her trip!

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