I Went On the Tallest Rides in Las Vegas and I Survived.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With the amount of times I have been to Las Vegas, I have NEVER been past the Fashion Show mall. I got to plan the evening activities for the sales summit for the company I work for back in March. We were staying at the SLS Las Vegas so the Stratosphere just made sense as it is almost across the street from the SLS.

I will be honest, the rides at the top of the Stratosphere look terrifying. Isn't this the perfect setting for the next installment of Final Destination? Swinging chairs over the side of the stratosphere, shooting to the top of the needle of the Stratosphere and a ride that catapults you over the edge?

Well - don't let my fears scare you! I am here to report I survived the rides at the top of the Stratosphere.

If you plan to go on the rides a few times, I definitely recommend getting the Unlimited Ride Pass. It is $39.95 and includes the rides I mention below. This does not include the Sky Jump.

Observation Deck

Before you check out the rides, check out the observation deck. The views are pretty amazing. I recommend going at night. If you are there in the summer it will be 10 times cooler and the night views of Vegas are unlike any other!


I did not go on this ride. However, I was at the Stratosphere for a work event so I enjoyed watching people from my group go on the ride. It is a big claw that extends out over the Stratosphere so you are dangling, tilts your char so you are looking down and spins in circles. I can't even imagine what that view is like looking straight down. Here is a video I found on YouTube so you can get an idea of what this ride is like!

Big Shot

I will admit, I had to be convinced to go on this ride. This is the one that shoots you up the needle of the Stratosphere. I kept telling people, "What is this ride just continues up and off the needle…" You are strapped into a seat with about 20 other people. The countdown is on and that is when you blast off 160 feet straight in the air. Then you can feel the G-Force as you free fall back to the bottom. I screamed the whole time but ended up really enjoying it.


I also didn't go on this ride but a bunch of people I was with went on this one. I just didn't want to risk my life on this one. You catapult 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere and dangle weightlessly over the edge before the ride tilts back and you do it all over again. I ended up getting some pretty cool photos.

After we got done riding, all everyone could talk about was coming back to do the rides again! If you are looking for a different way to spend your time in Las Vegas than at the clubs, I definitely recommend checking this out!

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