The Best Instagram Spots in Capri

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I loved visiting Capri! There are so many cool spots you can go to take some pretty awesome photos!

If you missed my last posts on Capri, you can check those out here!

Alright - now on to what you came to this post to read about: here are the best Instagram spots in Capri

The Streets of Capri

I don't mean the whole island of Capri, I mean the town of Capri just up the hill from Marina Grande. There are high end stores with flower vines growing up from them. My photo execution wasn't the best, but you get the idea.

From the Monte Solaro Chair Lift

If you aren't afraid of heights are are okay moving around, take a few shots as you head up or down of the view off to the water side.

The Top of Monte Solaro

When you get to the top of Monte Solaro, head to the back right and head down the steps. You will see a spot where you can see the islands off in the distance. Now, stand on the ledge with the railing for some awesome photos like this:

Marina Piccola Rock Arch

Not only will the Marina Piccola beaches be less crowded, but there is an amazing spot in the water where the rocks form an arch. You can find it off to the left beach

Get Out On the Water

Maybe you will luck out with a less rocky day on the water, but we made the best of it and snapped some pretty amazing photos! Make sure to wear some bright colors so you fit right in with the bright blue waters!

Go to La Fontelina

Every spot is Instagram worthy here! You can read my full blog post here about my experience. For some good Instagram shots go to these points:

  • Head to the edge of the rocks where you see the rock formations out in the water.

  • Sit in front of the rocks. In the summer you will be able to actually dip your toes in the water

  • Turn around and get some shots with the restaurant in the background

Get a Limoncello Slush - It Is Pretty Instagram Worthy

I loved drinking these slushes. If I could, I would buy my own machine and make them at home!

Walking Paths

Pretty much everywhere on the island is amazing. Have your Insta-Husband snap a few shots of you walking away!

These are the spots that I loved and made for some pretty amazing photo ops! Are there any other spots that I missed?

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