The Most Instagrammable Places in Venice, Italy

I have definitely been having some nostalgia lately. I have been looking at pictures from a lot of my trips from the last few years and re-living some of those memorable moments in my head. I realized that I never really shared any part of the Venice part of my Italy & Greece trip from May 2019.

I am excited to be able to share some of the most Instagrammable spots in Venice, Italy. If you missed some of my other Instagrammable places in Europe, you can check them out here:

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The Most Instagrammable Places in Venice, Italy

Visit the Colorful Island of Burano

- Pick any of the colored walls and pose in front of them

- Sit along the canal

There really isn't a bad place to take a photo here! Every single building here has colored walls! It was one of my favorite places in the Venice area. For your information: Burano is also known for their lace making!

Pose with Gelato

- You are in Italy, get some gelato and have a photoshoot. I happened to be in Burano when I got gelato and decided to take some photos.

Visit Murano

- There are a few bridges that provide some pretty amazing back drops

For your information: Burano is known for their glass blowing!

Go on a Gondola Ride

- Everyone has to take a ride in a Venetian gondola at least once in your life, right?

I recommend not booking a gondola ride ahead of time. I have found the pre-booked ones are very commercialized and you don't even get your own personal serenade. Instead, you will see a bunch of gondolas in the canals ready to take you for your own private ride.

The Iconic Bookstore

- The bookstore is called: Libreria Acqua Alta

- Spot 1: Head to the back of the store and pose on the books

- Spot 2: When heading back to the front of the store, hang a right and check out the courtyard

All the Bridges in Venice

- There are so many cute bridges with amazing views of the canals in the back. Grab a drink!

St. Mark's Basilica

- There's no way you won't see St. Mark's Basilica at least once when in Venice, why not take a few cute photos!

Dead Ends

- We stumbled across a lot of dead ends when in Venice. One of them happened to lead us straight into the canal water, so I decided to take a few shots!

Are there any other spots in Venice that you recommend to take some epic shots? Leave them in the comments!

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