Here Are the Top 10 Things To Do in Prague

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Have you ever had that feeling of seeing a city for the first time and knowing you would for sure be back some day? That is how I feel about Prague. I visited Prague as my second stop on my very first Europe trip. I was early in my in depth travel planning skills so I know now that I could do much better and visit so many more places than I did the first time. Prague is a walkable city that requires flats. When you think of Europe and all the cobblestone walk ways, this is one city that has just that. I can't tell you the number of women who decided they would sacrifice practicality to look cute in heels. Every step, they looked like they were about to break an ankle!

In this post, I am going to talk about 8 must see spots in Prague whether it is your first time or tenth time!

1. Astronomical Clock

You can't miss this spot! The clock tower is located in the Old Town neighborhood of Prague. There is a large gathering to see the 12 apostles passing by the window above the astronomical dial every hour.

2. Clock Tower

Want one of the best views of Prague? Make sure you check out the view from the clock tower! We went up at sunset and didn't have to wait in any lines!


When I first started doing research about Prague, the most iconic thing that stood out to me in all the photos was the castle overlooking the entire city. Prague Castle is one of the largest ancient castles in the world. It occupies 750,000 square feet. It attracts over 1.8 million visitors a year! The castle is made up of St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St. George, a monastery and several palaces, gardens and defense towers! I couldn't get over how amazing and how different each place within the castle was! St. Vitus Cathedral is Medieval, while Basilica of St. George is Romanesque. Be sure to buy tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting in line and give yourself a few hours to walk through everything.

4. Explore Castle District

You probably had to walk up this hill to get to the castle. On the way down, spend some time visiting the souvenir shops and fun places to eat and drink. We found a really good hot dog cart (surprisingly) right toward the bottom of the long hill!

5. Old Town

Probably the place you will spend the most time is Old Town. If you aren't staying in Old Town, you will walk through winding streets and suddenly the streets will open up to a huge, open square! There are so many different colors and building styles.

6. Drink a Czech Beer

Czech beer is cheaper than water. No joke. Yes, it is not as strong as a lot of the U.S. beers you may be used to, but it was light, refreshing, and I could drink several.

7. Eat a croissant

Carbs are my weakness. All the fresh baked goods were so enticing in Prague. The smells from the bakeries in the morning were amazing. I had several croissants (sweet and savory included). I definitely recommend one as a quick breakfast option.

8. Take a walking tour

One of the most popular things to do in Prague is to do a free walking tour (be sure to tip, that is how they make their money). This is a great thing to do if it is your first day in Prague. The walking tours will take you from Old Town and end at the Castle. Hearing some of the history of Prague made me feel more connected to the city and made the next few days there more enjoyable!

9. Go to the fish spa

Sure, they are everywhere in the world, but it was something fun to do in the middle of the day! There are a few spots in Old Town. If you are ticklish or don't like your feet being touched, you may not like it but it was such a fun experience!

10. Walk across Charles Bridge

There is almost no way to miss walking across this bridge! It connects the castle to Old Town. In my case, I walked across it several times during my stay! Make sure you walk across during different parts of the day. I saw the bridge with fog, at night, during the day filled with vendors, etc.

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