Why You Have to Get This Crazy Milkshake in Las Vegas

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I don't typically write blog posts all about ONE restaurant. Why? Well, because I am not much of a foodie. What I am into are visual eye catching items. I started seeing images of these crazy milkshakes with an additional dessert piled on top of it on Instagram. When I saw that Las Vegas had got a restaurant that made these crazy milkshakes, I knew I had to go!

What is Black Tap?

This restaurant started in New York and is a restaurant "modernized for the Instagram age." They serve New York style burgers, fries, wings, craft beers (YES), mason jar cocktails, salads, sides and their world famous Crazy Shakes - the whole reason I went to this restaurant!

Black Tap is also more than just a good restaurant. It was designed down to the décor, playlists, friendly staff and the people you will end up sitting around.

Black Tap restaurants are located in:

  • Las Vegas

  • Soho - New York

  • Les - New York

  • Midtown - New York

Crazy Milkshakes

  • Sweet N' Salty - Peanut Butter Shake

  • Cotton Candy - Strawberry Shake

  • The Cookie Shake - Vanilla Cookie Shake

  • Sour Power - Black Cherry Shake

  • Brooklyn Blackout - Chocolate Shake

  • Cookie 'n Cream Supreme - Oreo Shake

  • Bam Bam Shake - Fruity Pebble Shake

  • The Cake Shake - Cake Batter Shake

I visited Black Tap for dinner and had trouble deciding which colorful, crazy shake I wanted. It all came down to the actual shake flavor and the additional pretty toppings just came with it. You know before I took a drink I had to get in as many Instagram photos as I could. I ended up choosing the Sour Power milkshake which was decorated with sour candies and a delicious black cherry milkshake base. My friend chose the Bam Bam shake...because Fruity Pebbles! If you are hungry when you are there, also try the sweet potato fries and Black Tap burger salad!

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