We Hit the Spa and the Slopes in Whistler. Here Was Our Experience.

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

At this point, I think I have visited Whistler in every season! If you have missed any of my prior posts on Whistler, check them out below:

We decided to take a quick weekend getaway to celebrate the purchase of our new home and to relax before all the weddings with my wedding planning business kicked off as well as my own upcoming wedding in September!

We just got back this past weekend. Here are a few things you probably haven't tried in Whistler!

1. Snowshoeing - Technically there are probably still a few weeks of skiing and snowboarding left, but, I don't know how great the snow would have been. We opted to try out snowshoeing. Believe it or not, I haven't ever done it before!

We did a tour through The Adventure Group that took us up the Blackcomb gondola from Whistler village. We got off at the second stop and made our way to a Snowshoe route. The guide was great and showed us the basics: how to get the showshoes on, and how to effectively to up and down hills.

It was a nice, leisurely walk through the forest. Our guide stopped in a few spots to tell us about what we were seeing and to take some photos. By the end of our walk, I felt like a pro.

2. Scandinave Spa - I am a sucker for pretty locations I see all over Pinterest and Instagram. I have been seeing pictures of this spa in both the summer and winter and have wanted to visit for a long time. We booked a combination Snowshoe and Spa package so I finally got to try it out

Click here for the Spa packages

This spa is amazing. It is an electronics free environment and no talking signs are everywhere. Initially we only planned on doing the hydrotherapy experience but caved and also booked a couples massage.

The hydrotherapy experience consists of 10-15 minutes in hot, 5-15 seconds in cold and 10 minutes of rest. You do this cycle at least three times to purge your body of toxins. It was so relaxing, I could do it all day. You have several hot options including: steam and sauna rooms, or hot tubs. The cold plunge can be done by stepping into pools or going under a waterfall. I could only step in the cold pool to my waist. It was quite a shock to go from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The couples massage was great too. They have a whole building dedicated to spa treatments. I opted for a deep tissue massage which was much needed!

Have you been showshoeing or gone to the Scandinave spa?

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