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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

If you are like me, that you are always thinking about where you are going to travel next. You sit in the cubicle of your 9-5 job day dreaming of being in a far away place. A chance to dip your toes in warm, tropical water, or stand in front of a castle of your dream. You are constantly dreaming of drawing that line through that item on your bucket list.

I’m sure we can all agree that travel allows us to escape the everyday responsibilities, giving us a sense of ownership over our lives. It offers an exotic spark of adventure and discovery that our day-to-day lives seem to gloss over.

I get your vibe

I caught the travel bug 14 years ago, when I took a family cruise to Hawaii and have been traveling ever since. It’s my number one passion, which I want to share with as many people as I can.

To me, travel does not necessarily always have to take the form of packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic or being an extravagant, expensive vacation. It’s an act and a feeling that can happen in every given moment.

It’s about living a full life, being connected to the present moment, experiencing joy and creating (and sharing) profound memories.

I travel to escape monotonous life: The expectations, routines and demands placed upon us that make us feel like we’re constantly jammed into the power point.

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Heidi. A twenty-something from Seattle, Washington.

I am a serial travel addict that likes to plan vacations out a year in advance. People always wonder how I afford to travel as much as I do, and I hope that this blog provides a little insight into how I do this. I want to empower as many people as I can to just get up and do it because, “the only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take.” Seriously. Think about it. What is the point to working hard and making money if you aren’t, in turn, celebrating that hard work by seeing the world.

How can I help you?

I am here to tell you your life does not have to fit in a box. You don’t have to live behind the picket fence, slave away at that full-time job that sucks you dry, and the monotonous hours of rush hour traffic.

You CAN have the picket fence and at the 9-5 job, but, I am pretty sure you at least want to escape your everyday life for weekend getaways or a three-week vacation every year. Why not? It brings you joy, adventure, and long-lasting memories.

I am here to show you that you can travel anywhere in the world on a dime, you can find yourself in a country where you know no one and have life-changing experiences, and you can travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship.

To be clear, I have created a lifestyle of travel for the last 15 years without a help and have made it happen with a strong desire to get out and see the world. I hope that this blog makes you feel like traveling can happen. Maybe you are just going about it all wrong.

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