What are Presets?

Presets are ‘filters’ available for Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a professional coloring and photo editing program for people to create a certain look for their photos. There are an unlimited amout of possibilities when it comes to Lightroom. You can edit your photos to any color you like, bump up the colors, tone them down, sharpen things up, etc. The presets I release are the exact ones I use on my photos and yes, I only use Lightroom not Photoshop to color my photos. Even though both Mobile and Desktop presets are one-click presets, they are simply a starting place. I NEVER apply my preset and leave it as is. I will always look at the photo as a whole and adjust things I want to bring out or minimize. Not all cameras or smartphones capture photos the same. Coloring, exposure and contrast will look different from camera to camera. This is completely normal and the more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos.

What’s the difference between desktop and mobile presets?

Desktop presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic desktop. If the desktop version is new to you, please be sure to download it and familiarize yourself with it first. There are MANY more options in the desktop version. Lightroom desktop requires a monthly subscription of $15 and only work on desktop, not mobile so the presets bought for desktop will not work on your phone. Mobile presets are compatible with Lightroom app available on iTunes for iPhones and Google Play for Andorid. It’s a FREE app and does not require a monthly subscription. After a short set up, you’ll be able to switch between presets.

Should I get Mobile or Desktop presets? Who are the presets for?

There are many more options in the Desktop version. If you are looking to take professional photography or take your photos to the next level, desktop is great for you! If you are on the go or are not trying to be a professional photographer, the Mobile version is great for you! (I personally use the Mobile version 80% of the time!)

Who are the presets not for?

If photography is not your passion, you are happy with the way your photos look right now, you barely take any photos or don’t feel comfortable adjusting the presets to match your own style - I would pass!

Are these the exact presets you use?

Yes, these are the exact presets I created and have used on all of my photos on my feed.

Do you guarantee these presets will work for me?

No, however, YOU DO GET A GUARANTEE these are the exact presets I use and have been using for the photos on my feed. I have no idea if my editing style is something you like & want in your photos. What I’m offering here are my exact presets I use to edit my photos. You can see my Instagram page & take it as a proof they work. Once you buy them, you can see if my coloring is something you like and works for you or tweak them to match your style. Worst case scenario you have access to ALL the information of how I adjust my photo settings.

Will my photos look exactly like yours?

I hope not! There are so many things that influence the final outcome of a photo, I hope these presets will become the beginning of your photography journey.

What will influence the final outcome of the preset?

Let’s talk about what affects the look of a photo first: Location: The sky has a different colour in Maldives vs. London thus the blue in the presets will vary from location to location. Lighting: Indoor vs. outdoor, time of the day, time of the year, angle of the sun, clouds/no clouds all play a factor Camera: Canon vs. Sony vs. Nikon all give their photos slightly different colours. Apple vs. Android smartphones. Camera Settings: How you set your ISO, whether you shoot your photo under or overexposed Skin Tones: Everyone has a different skin tone - On some presets, I tend to get very orange skin - you might find my skin tones might not work with yours There are so many variables that even if you went back to the same location, used the same camera and then applied the same preset, the chances are the lighting and time of the day will be different and hence you will have to adjust the photo. It’s totally normal so while I am sharing with you the exact presets I use - I do tweak almost every photo depending on what it needs even after matching the perfect preset. With that said, you are purchasing the way I like my photos to look like. If you see the world slightly different, please be ready to tweak the presets to your own liking.

Are they the only presets I will ever need?

No, but these will be a good starting point!

How are these presets different than other available on the market?

These are different because I created them myself! I sometimes will adjust my preset a few times to get it exactly how I want! I also don't use Photoshop so everything you see on my Instagram is all done using my Lightroom presets!

Are the presets compatible with photoshop?

These presets are for Lightroom only.

What happens if I don’t like the presets?

Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.

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