Lightroom Presets

Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my presets! If you’re here, you’re most likely already supporting me on Instagram and are familiar with how I edit my photos. You can read a bit more about the difference between desktop and mobile presets and if you have any more questions, please read FAQ before & after your purchase.

My presets are divided into MOBILE presets and DESKTOP presets.
Mobile presets are designed for the free mobile app called Lightroom CC - it doesn’t require a subscription and it’s totally free to use. The mobile presets will only work on your phone, not desktop, but you may need to download them onto your computer first.

Desktop presets are designed for the desktop version of Lightroom called Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic desktop presets will not work on your phone. To use the desktop preset you will need to pay a monthly subscription to Adobe of $15 a month.

Which ones are better? Desktop presets definitely are more powerful. Mobile ones are more handy when you’re on the go or use mainly a smart phone to take photos. It really depends how serious you are about photography and how much you’re willing to invest. For a better understanding of which presets would work best for you, check out FAQ. (I personally use Lightroom mobile presets almost exclusively.)

Don’t forget to use #hmgtravelstheworldpresets hashtag so I can check out your photos.

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