5 Reasons to Charter a Boat in the Caribbean

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I cannot believe I was in the Caribbean a YEAR AGO! Time flies so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was getting on the cruise ship in Miami! This trip to the Caribbean was for our friends 30th birthday so a few things we let them plan! We were blessed to be traveling with a larger group and were able to all go in to charter our own boat for our St. Thomas port of call. If you are able to, I HIGHLY recommend chartering your own private boat for the day and here is why:

1. You can do whatever you want

You paid for the boat, you can go wherever you want! If you have never been to this destination before, I recommend asking your captain what he recommends. Keep in mind you probably don't want to be constantly on the move the whole time you have the boat because chances are you are paying for all the gas in the boat. We decided to head to a few spots but spend a few hours at each!

2. You get to go to private beaches

Tell your captain you want to go somewhere private. Our captain took us from St. Thomas over to St. Johns to a beach with no one! We made sure to take our cooler of beverages and ended up spending an hour on this beautiful beach.

3. You get to try beach restaurants

Our captain beached our boat and we all jumped off to a restaurant right on the beach. I had THE best coconut lime drink. It makes me sad that I have never been able to find it since then! When you go to these beach restaurants always try a seafood dish. I have never been disappointed with a beach restaurant seafood dish!

4. You can stop in the middle of the ocean

Don't feel like heading to a beach? Well, have the captain stop in the middle of the ocean and float for a while! We had a boat with a flat top that we could sit on the top of…or JUMP off of. We had fun taking turns jumping off the top of the boat.

5. You can visit two islands in one visit

Why be stuck in one country in your cruise port of call?! Knock two off your travel bucket list!

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