8 Poses to Try at Seven Magic Mountains

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Seven Magic Mountains. Im sure you have seen them on your Instagram or filling your home feed on Pinterest. I remember first visiting this art installation back in 2018 when it was still pretty new and people hadn't taken such cool photos. Honestly, the visits in both 2018 and 2019 were photo busts. It was freezing, windy and we had no plan going into it.

With our visit in 2020, we were determined to make it a great trip! We did some Pinterest research and showed up with some inspo photos ready to go! This is also to show you that you don't have to copy photos you see online exactly to still make photo magic! Let your personality shine through, don't take the photos too seriously and have fun!

Photo editing tips:

  • I tend to edit photos from the same destination at the same time. I want them to have the same look as you will see below.

  • I usually always with a Lightroom Preset as my base and tweak photos from there. Anyone reading this can get 50% off my presets! That is as low as $4.50 for my 3 packs. Use code 7MAGICMTNS at checkout!

  • I also used the healing brush tool to remove people from the background of my images!

Thanks to all the gals mentioned in the inspiration photos below for taking such cool photos! Be sure to give these ladies a follow.

1. Walking Toward the Seven Magic Mountains

I intended for these photos to look less "posed" and more natural. I simply just started walking, looking back, flipped my hair, tried to walk more on my tippy toes. Make sure whoever is taking your photos continues to take photos and doesn't wait for you to "pose."

Inspo. Photo Source: Unknown

2. Leaning Against a Rock

For me, the key with this one is to make "the lean" look natural. Try throwing up a peace sign, playing with your hair and even a candid laugh!

Inspo. Photo Source: Instagram.com/myperfectitinerary

3. Double Peace Signs

I thought this pose was so cute! I generally like my personality to still shine through in my photos so my take on this pose was a bit more silly! I definitely felt super awkward doing this pose, but it turned out pretty cute!

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/sierrafurtado

4. Side Profile

I don't tend to rock the up angle as well as Kamryn does in her photo! I opted to shoot straight on and find my light. I love how this series of photos turned out! Switch up your poses by tucking your hair behind your ear, put your hand on your hip and look up toward the sun!

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/kamryn.law

5. Kicking Your Leg Up Behind You

With this one, I tried to keep it more natural by walking into this pose. It is definitely a pose I don't normally do so it felt a bit awkward.

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/kaliannakali

6. Kicking Your Leg Out in Front of You

My favorite shot of that trip! Like the leg kick shot above, I walked into this shot to keep it looking natural. This pose was so fun! We had a good laugh with how silly we felt but you can see how great the pose ended up looking!

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/siestashell

7. Photo Shot From the Back

I decided to do my classic "peace sign" pose. To give it a bit more dimension, I like to show half my face. You can also switch up the pose by throwing your hand on your hip!

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/inanydirection_

8. Walking Away Looking Back

One of my classic shots is walking toward the camera and looking off into the distance as if there is something interesting going on off to the side.

Inspo. Photo Source: instagram.com/kamryn.law

More pose ideas and candids

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