Here Are 5 Travel YouTubers to Subscribe to NOW!

Besides trashy reality TV, my guilty pleasure has to be watching YouTube! It started about 6 years ago with makeup channels and has evolved into family and daily vloggers as well as travel channels!

One thing that makes me anxious in life is that I will never be able to travel everywhere I want to. Did I mention I also have a fascination with dark history? I think a lot of people can relate. There is something that sparks your curiosity about the places in the world that you really have no insight into or have questions about with no answers.

I have been watching these 5 channels for the past 6 months and actually feel some relief in the fact that these channels have traveled to either dangerous places or places that the media has portrayed in a bad light. You can see from their perspective that either places aren't as scary as you may think or in fact, they really are a place to caution.

I hope you check these channels (and their social medias) out and open your mind to new places in the world to visit!

1. Hey Nadine

Nadine is a Canadian based traveler. She has been doing a series in partnership with Best Western the last few months. I have enjoyed watching her explore the U.S. Some of my favorite videos from her include Gardens by the Bay in Singapore (I was so excited to see spots I have been to in her videos), Travel let downs (let's be real, people in the public eye are afraid of being real because they fear losing brand deals), and finally her weird pillow review..done on an actual flight! Check out some of her videos below:

WORLD'S MOST UNIQUE GARDENS!? | Gardens By The Bay, Singapore


testing WEIRD travel PILLOWS

2. Roamaroo

Scott and Collette are a married couple that are constantly traveling the world! I first discovered them on Instagram over a year ago. They take some pretty amazing photos! I love following them because they are a pretty down to earth couple and their videos are full of high energy, good food, OH and they love reviewing business and first class seats on flights! It's pretty cool to feel like you are also sitting in first class with them! Check out some of my favorite videos from them below.

Asiana Airlines Business Class Review - LAX to Seoul Incheon

Amanpulo-The WHITEST SAND in the world! Palawan Philippines

Cloud 9 Fiji - The best tropical pizza bar - near Nadi

3. The Endless Adventure

This is the latest travel channel I started following. Eric and Allison are from the Midwest in the U.S. I recently discovered them on YouTube as a recommended channel. Their content is very relevant to most travelers, as they aren't traveling extravagantly,. Their travels are very achievable for most people! Their latest series with Yama Nomad, a Sprinter van converted into a small RV, convinced me that I need to head back to Banff and see it a different way than I did the first time! Check out some of my favorite videos from them below.

Best Van Life Conversion EVER! - Off Grid Camper Van Tour & Road Trip to Banff, Canada

The Perfect Weekend in LAS VEGAS! - Food & Fun 😍 (Las Vegas Guide)

Most BEAUTIFUL and UNDERRATED Place in Vietnam! Better Than Ha Long Bay?? + Airbnb TOUR

4. The Life of Jord

Life I mentioned in the beginning, i have a fascination with the darker side of history. I discovered The Life of Jord because I decided to see if anyone has posted videos of their travels to North Korea..and guess what, there are videos. I was able to get a glimpse into a country that not many people have seen. Of course, the tour is VERY strict, you can't wander on your own and now that I have seen several videos, you realize that you are seeing the same spots over and over. Jord has done a great job of sharing his travels in a non-bias way. It is simply his experience. Check out some of my favorite videos from him.

Arriving to Pyongyang - First Impressions of North Korea

How to Travel to North Korea (and should you?)

INDONESIA'S BIG PROBLEM (and what can we do?)

5. Indigo Traveller

Finally, there is Indigo Traveller. I also discovered him in my North Korea video searches. Out of all the travel YouTubers I watch, he is the one to really help provide a glimpse into lesser traveled countries. His latest series on Venezuela is SO FASCINATING. Because of him, I now also want to travel to Azerbaijan and has also given me some insight to prepare me for Egypt. Check out some videos from Nick:

INSIDE VENEZUELA - JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)


NORTH KOREA SURPRISED ME (not what I expected)


Those are my current picks form Travel YouTube accounts you should be following. It is pretty clear that these people put a lot of time and planning into their videos!

Are there any other accounts you would recommend? Add them to the comments so I can check them out!

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