How to Find New Books to Read + How to Get Free Books

When it comes to books, I use a few different sites to get inspiration and suggestions for what my next reads will be. Since I have been reading for fun since 2013, I have discovered a few different sites where I have also been able to get free books! I will share all of my book secrets in this post!

Sites I Use for to Find My Next Read


I've been using this app since 2013! It is the only way that I keep track of what I am currently reading and once I finish a book, it goes into my year archives. It is a fun way to keep track of what books I enjoyed, what authors I like and if I am reading a series, what book I left off on.

Instagram accounts

Following Instagram book accounts is a bit newer to me, but man, I get some great book recommendations. A lot of the independent run accounts tend to read a lot of different genres so that has really helped inspire me to step out of my mystery/thriller comfort zone and read something new. Here are some accounts I follow:

@lindsays_books, @readingwithmegan, @reesesbookclub, @bookofthemonth, @bookbento, @booksandbeans, @bookclubish, @bookbub

Swipe to view all accounts

Bookbub Blog

I can get lost for hours scouring the various blog posts on! It is a great way to discover new books as they have catchy blog titles like: "40 of our all time favorite book to move adaptations" and "9 Thrillers Worth Picking Up at the Airport Gift Shop"


I recently starting pinning book pins. I have found a ton of great pins with catchy images of all the books you should add to your reading list. You can follow my reading list here.

Where Do I Save My "To Read" List

Library Account

As I scour through all the sites and accounts, I have my local library account pulled up. I search for the book title and depending on how long the hold is for that book, place it on hold or place it in my "for later" section. This way, I have all the books I want to read in one place!

Where Do I Get My Books From

Library (FREE!)

I tend to like to try and check books out at the library if I can help it. I typically find I can read a few books in the 3 week check out time frame. The library also now has great options for how you want to "read" your book. You can check out audio, e-book (to be read on something like the Kindle) and traditional book format. When I am not traveling, I prefer to have a traditional book. When I travel, I will check out a few e-books and have them downloaded on my Kindle. It takes up way less space. I've also recently decided I am going to start listening to audio books when I am at work! I just downloaded my first one this week.

I do also check out the section in the library where you can purchase used books. These are usually books the library is no longer going to carry, or are from people in the community who have donated them. This section will definitely vary from state to state and county to county, but my library system sells used books for only $.50.


I have also started hunting for books at the thrift store. I have found some titles I have saved in my "for later" shelf in my library account for less than $3! I HATE paying full price because the average person only reads a book once.

Half Price books or any small used book store

Do you have a Half Price Books near you!? I LOVE going to half price books because they have a large selection. The prices definitely aren't as inexpensive as going to a thrift store or the library used book sale, but you have more of a chance of finding a specific book you may be looking for. They have a mix of used and some new books (not a lot).

Bookbub E-Book Deals (FREE!)

Bookbub has a e-book section on their site where they show a bunch of e-book deals from popular sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can get less than $5 deals there or you can check out their free section. You will almost never find a book from your book list, but I have discovered some great quick reads from downloading free books!

Goodreads Giveaway Section (FREE)

Since joining Goodreads back in 2013, I think I have won about 15 books! They are usually books that haven't been released yet and are looking for people to read and review them to help get the word out! I have read some pretty great books this way! Check out the giveaway section here!

NetGalley (FREE)

NetGalley is another way for authors to build hype around their book launches. These are ebook downloads, and a lot of books you have to request to have access to download. Most of the ones you have to request will be looking to see if you review on Goodreads (which you connect your account), do you share on social media, etc. There is also a section where you can gain instant download to the book. Just be sure you are supporting the author by providing a review.

Those are just some of my tips and tricks for how I find books to read and how I get them! I would love it if you share some of your tips & tricks with me!

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