The Best Instagram Spots in Santorini

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Oia Cliffside

You get those classic white wash buildings and blue roofs in Oia. Not only is the whole island pretty clean, but Oia feels especially clean! Find a restaurant where you can eat along the railing with the cliff side views.

Oia Churches

The churches are amazing! I love that they all have rows of little bells. It is kind of the standard in Santorini. Unless you are coming to take photos super early, than you may be competing with a bunch of people for some photos.

Here are some of my outfit picks for some great shots in Oia!


There's nothing better than the water's of Greece as your backdrop! A Catamaran is a great way to see Santorini from a whole other viewpoint! For the most part, when you are in Santorini, you are perched high up on the cliff! If you missed my blog post where I went into more detail about our day on the catamaran, you can read about that here.

Here are some recommendations for bathing suits and my new favorite shorts, especially if you will be swimming in the hot springs!

Santo Winery

This is another great place to have some amazing views and to be able to drink wine in Greece! I would recommend getting a tasting flight and then getting a glass after you see what you like. The wine style is different from what you are probably used to. Make sure to get some fun photos sipping your wine, but when you are done, wander around the winery grounds and snap more photos with the incredible views!

Wear some pops of yellow to compliment all the blues on the island!

Weaving the walkways

Yes, you can get some pretty stunning shots from just walking in the cliffs. Pyrgos is not really crowded with tourists at all so this is the perfect spot to get some shots! Or simply find some high points in Pyrgos to get some view photos. There are also a ton of cool alleyways to take photos in Oia as well.

Finding a spot for sunset

As mentioned in my previous post, which you can read here, sunset is one of the best times to relax and take in the views! We had made plans ahead of time to hang out at PK Cocktails where we were able to reserve front row seats! We ended up being able to enjoy a few cocktails and stare at the views.

Is there any other places you think I should check out next time? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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