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Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Hello 2017

This is my annual post where I go over all the trips planned for 2017. Whether weekend getaways or several week long trips, it is good to write down what you would like to see happen. Chances are, the trips will be more in the forefront of your mind and will get you to think about making it a reality more.

If you are like me, than you have probably already solidified your trips for the year and are now deep in the weeds of planning them. Keep at it!

Why do I plan my trips so far in advance?

That is one of my secrets to traveling as much as I do. I am a travel-motivated person. I have no shortage of places I want to travel. I know the big picture of what I want to achieve in my year, and I take the daily action steps towards that. I let trips happen at the right time BUT, I do take constant action to make it happen.

Ever heard of Excel? It’s my best friend. I have a “Trips” document with tabs. One that has my overall cost for the trips I am taking that year, and others that breakdown each trip. I love being able to forecast what I think I will spend on that trip and stay within the goal budget.

If you know what’s important to you, what you want to create and why then you don’t need goals, you’ll get it done each day with small steps.

When I reflect back on my life all the amazing achievements that happened have been total surprises.

Don’t mistake that for luck. I’ve had a very significant role in creating the surprises, but I’ve also let go and allowed the right opportunities to come at the right time.

Travel for 2017

Suncadia Resort – January

This trip already happened and we ended up planning with my boyfriend’s family back in October. There will be a blog post on this in the future.

Oregon Road Trip – February

This trip already happened and was planned back in November. There will be a blog post about this in the future.

Las Vegas Work Trip – February

This trip already happened. I normally go to Las Vegas for much different reasons than this trip. This was a work related trip.

Phoenix, Arizona – March

I was so excited to be able to go to MLB Spring Training in Arizona. #1: I have never been to Arizona, #2: I have never been to Spring Training!

Caribbean – June

I am looking forward to a week in the sun! And a week of friends. This trip is for two friend’s 30th birthdays.

Lake Chelan – June

Of all the close to home trips, this destination is my happy place. Nothing better than sun, some beer and friends!

Lake Chelan – August

I can’t wait to take another trip out here for a girls trip and some wine tasting!

United Kingdom and France – September

This trip is the grand finale (I think) of my trips in 2017. I couldn’t be more excited to head back to Europe and see more sites.

Whistler, Canada

This trip was just booked to celebrate my birthday. Whislter is one of my favorite places to go. Nothing beats a small ski town.

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