Travel with Me: Port of Call in Freeport, Bahamas

Chances are, you are in Freeport while on a cruise through the Bahamas! You probably only have 6 hours in port. Here are the two things I recommend when in Freeport:

Port Lucaya Marketplace

There are a bunch of shops including straw market style where you can pick up souvenirs for a pretty good price as well as good places to eat and drink! My favorite was one of the rum stands where I got a rum punch in a coconut! There is also a lot of good entertainment that happens throughout the year! Check their website for a list of the events. You won't regret spending an hour or two in this brightly painted market!

Get in the Water!

If you are on a cruise, you will probably end up booking an excursion through your cruise line just for the ease, but if you want to be adventurous, these external companies also know you have a time commitment and will get you back on the boat on time!

We took a boat out from the Lucaya Marketplace and went snorkeling for a few hours. The water was a little choppy so I was nervous about getting in the water at first. I am glad I did. There was a ton to see and a bunch of colorful fish and coral. We used our underwater camera and took some great pictures.There was even a slide off our boat which was a lot of fun.

Have you been to Freeport, what other activities would you recommend?

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