Travel With Me: Sky Garden London

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

I'm just like every girl when it comes to planning a vacation. I repeatedly searched for "Instagram spots in London" to make sure my planning included most or all of the suggestions on the lists I would find on Pinterest. In one of my searches, I came across this picture:

How striking is that window?! I immediately started doing research to figure out what that place is and how I could go in it.

Located on 20 Fenchurch Street, Sky Garden is a unique public space that covers 3 stories and offers 360 degree views of London. You are free to wander the public gardens, observation decks and open air terrace. Because of the appeal of the space, free reservations must be made ahead of time to visit this space. Sky Garden does also offer several restaurant and bar options as well. Reservations are also required.

My trip to Sky Garden

You are able to start making the free reservations to visit about 3 weeks ahead of time, but those tickets usually fill up fast and I didn't want to have to worry about the stress of it all. I built this visit into my trip plan and was able to find a booking for breakfast at Darwin Brasserie.

Tip: Book breakfast well before the public ticketed hours begin (either 10 or 11am depending on the day of the week). We were in early and were one of the first people there.

We were seated right at the glass of the restaurant so we were left with an amazing view down to the lower level of the Sky Garden as well as the amazing views of London. The coffee was amazing and I enjoyed a great eggs Benedict. Keep in mind if you do eat here, there is a disclaimer at booking that you only have an hour at your table. I understand the demand to see the Sky Garden so they have to encourage people to always keep moving here.

Once we were finished, we wandered around the whole space. Each side of the building you walked to left you with a different view of London. If you have the time, I would HIGHLY recommend building it into your trip to visit here!

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