10 Wineries in Woodinville, Washington You Must Drink At.

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

I don't know about you, but there is nothing better than hanging out at a winery on a hot summer day....or even on a cloudy day.

Woodinville, Washington is about 30 minutes Northeast of Seattle. It is considered the wine country of the west side of the mountains. I am fortunate to live just 15 minutes from Woodinville and find myself here often. Not only are there a TON of good wineries here, but there are a handful of breweries that hold their own too (but I will leave that for another post).

One thing to note about the wineries in Woodinville. There are 3 main districts for wineries in Woodinville.

The Warehouse district is has a bunch of wineries in close proximity to each other. Some have cute patios and great interior decor, but aren't know so much for their views of sprawling vines. The Hollywood District combines walk ability, views, atmosphere and wine in this area. It is easy to park a car and walk to a bunch in just a few hours. There are also great places to eat here as well. Finally, The West Valley District has some great wineries in a more spread out setting. Similar to the Warehouse district, you won't necessarily have the best views, but rather great atmosphere.

If you here for a weekend, here are the 10 wineries to check out:

Hollywood District

1. Airfield Estates Winery

Though there isn't really an outdoor setting here, I really like their wine and the staff that pours at Airfield.

2. Alexandria Nicole Cellars

If you love drinking wine in caves, this tasting room has that setting!

3. Castillo de Feliciana

I love going here during the summer. They have great Spanish reds and a bunch of great outdoor seating!

4. Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

You typically hear a lot about this winery because of the cool outdoor concerts they have here in the summer! I also love their tasting room. It's huge with a bunch of cool spots to sit.

5. Columbia Winery

I've been here a few times and the first time ended up buying an expensive (ish) bottle of wine. This is a great spot to eat a snack too. Their flat breads are great.

6. JM Cellars

Selfishly, I want someone to get married here. The barrel room is to die for! The wine is also delicious.

7. Matthews Winery

This winery has a bunch of cool spaces to hang out, including a back patio! I got to go here for an adult coloring night a few years ago and it was so fun!

8. Novelty Hill Januik

I would say out of all the wineries, I have been here the most. The outdoor space is killer (and is also good for weddings). They also have a list of wines you can choose from each time you come here for a tasting.

Warehouse District

9. Eye of the Needle Winery

If you are from Seattle, you will feel the local pride when you purchase one of their bottles. I also really enjoyed talking with the person who was pouring the wines that day!

10. Sol Stone Winery

Not only do they have some cool events - like the wine and yoga event I did a few years ago, but I love their wine as well. The area that this winery is also has 4 more wineries, a cidery and a brewery. It makes for a super fun day!

11. Tsillan Cellars

Here's a bonus suggestion. Personally, I would much rather be in Chelan where the main winery is, but having a tasting room on this side of the mountains is cool too.

Do you have a favorite winery in Woodinville? I would love to know so I can check it out.

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