I found 2 Secret Bars in London. Here is How to Find Them.

Secret bars seem to be the thing that is popping up all around London. I found a ton of posts from people talking about finding these secret bars around the city. On my latest trip to London, we stayed in the Covent Garden area, which we stayed in when we were in London in September 2018. I highly recommend this area if you are a first timer to London. There is so much going on in this area…food, theater, and close to some big sites.

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In my research, I found 2 secret bars in the Covent Garden area. Unfortunately, London was an extended layover, so we didn't have a ton of time to take the tube to some of the secret bars further outside Central London. Here are the 2 secret bars to check out in the Covent Garden area:

Red Farm

You can find this restaurant if you are near Covent Garden. The restaurant itself is an Asian dumpling house. In order to find the hidden bar, look for a total of two owls leading you to the bar called. You may also need to ask the hostess if you can go to the bar as it is a small place and may already be full. I immediately saw one of the owls as we entered and pointed it out to the hostess. The restaurant seats about 12 people total, but serves amazing cocktail drinks. The bar is called Toots & Hoots but you won't find it on any map!

Milroy's of Soho

If you love whiskey, visit this bar! Milroy's isn't a hidden bar but don't come looking for the secret bar until after 6 when it is open. We made that mistake and had to come back. To fine the bar head to the back right and start pushing on the books.

Tip: you will need a reservation to get drinks here. Since we couldn't research the hidden bar online we didn't know to make one ahead of time

  • Opening Time: The secret bar opens after 6:00 PM. Due to it being a secret bar, we did not know that until we showed up

  • Google Maps Location

Social Eating House

Unfortunately, we just didn't have enough time to visit this hidden bar. This is the 3rd one in the Covent Garden area.

Tip: Based on my research, to find this bar, you want to look for a red and white neon Optician sign and then a brass, blindfolded pig door knocker.

When I make it back to London next, I have a whole list of secret bars I want to find that are outside the central London area. Are there any secret bars in London you recommend I try? Are there any secret bars other places in the world I should check out? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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