Drink With Me: Microbreweries in Western Washington

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Microbreweries in Washington have become very popular in the last few years. Everywhere you look, you are seeing a new one pop up. I am a die hard beer lover and LOVE to try new beers. I prefer a darker beer like an IPA or Stout.

What is a Microbrewery?

A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces a small amount of beer. Exact definitions vary, but the terms are typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries and are independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique.

Microbreweries in Western Washington

American Brewing Company - Edmonds, Washington
  • Have you ever been to the little town of Edmonds? It is where you get on the ferry to head over to Kingston so you may have passed through. This is where I live and I have enjoyed discovering all the fun little restaurants and breweries here.

  • I recently visited American for the first time and had a blast! The atmosphere feels very homey and dogs are allowed!

  • They do not serve food, but encourage bringing in your favorite meal from another restaurant and enjoying their beer!

  • I did a sampler with their most popular beer

  • This company also brews their own Kombucha

Big E Ales - Mountlake Terrace, Washington
  • This brewery is owned by a family I went to high school with. I have been enjoying their beer for several years now and have watched many sporting events here

  • This brewery serves food! They have a food deal for each day of the week. My favorite meal here is the Reuben.

  • My favorite beer is: the blackberry ale!

Diamond Knot Brewing - Mukilteo and Mountlake Terrace, Washington

  • Diamond Knot started out in Mukilteo. They have a great, remodeled restaurant now.

  • In the more recent years, they opened up a Mountlake Terrace location which is much closer to where I live.

  • They have the BEST happy hour deals

  • My favorite beer is: the Industrial IPA!

Dirty Bucket Brewing - Woodinville, Washington

  • I got a Groupon for my boyfriend as a gift last year. That was the only time we have been to Dirty Bucket but we had a great time.

  • We did a tasting flight here and then chose a pint.

  • This brewery does not serve food

  • My favorite beer is: the Black Lab American Stout.

Elysian Brewing - Seattle, Washington

  • Elysian is a slightly larger brewing company in Seattle. They have several locations in downtown. Chances are you have had this beer as it can be found on tap in many restaurants.

  • All of their locations serve food as well!

  • My favorite beer is Spacedust and the Immortal IPA

Fremont Brewing Company - Seattle, Washington

  • This summer was the first summer I have visited the Fremont Brewing Company.

  • It is in a great location in Fremont and has a lot of outdoor seating.

  • My favorite beer is the Sister Imperial IPA

Lagunitas Brewery - Seattle, Washington

  • This used to be Hillyards but was recently purchased by Lagunitas. This is one of my favorite breweries so I was excited to be able to try a bunch of their beer!

  • This brewery does not have food, but you can bring some in!

  • It is also dog friendly which I love.

  • I recommend doing a tasting flight and choosing your favorite.

  • My favorite beer is: Lagunitas IPA

Lazy Boy Brewing - Everett, Washington

  • This is such a fun, hole in the wall brewery in Everett. It is in a location that you wouldn't expect.

  • I have purchased several Groupons and have done tastings.

  • My favorite beer is: You Had Me at Simcoe IPA

Nine Yard's Brewing - Kenmore, Washington

  • I found out about this brewery through a friend. It can be hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for.

  • Inside, the tasting room is pretty large and is a fun place to hang out. They have foos ball tables, and even Nintendo 64!

  • My favorite beer is: the milk stout!

Old Stove Brewing - Seattle, Washington

  • We were on our way to another brewery when we stumbled across this one downtown. We discovered that this brewery opened within the last year. When you step inside, you feel like you are being transported back in time.

  • This brewery does have a small selection of food to enjoy!

  • My favorite beer is: Lionel's Session IPA

Peddler Brewing Company - Seattle, Washington

  • I swear, Ballard has some of the coolest places to drink. Peddler is no exception. In the summer time (or...even winter), you can hang out in the beer garden and play corn hole. They even also show outdoor movies as well.

  • This brewery doesn't serve any food

  • My favorite beer is: Tropic Thunder IPA. It has some really cool fruit hints!

Rooftop Brewing Company - Seattle, Washington

  • This one is super awesome because it is within 5 minutes walking from where my boyfriend lives! We love to come here any time of the year. They have a cool outdoor space that they cover and heat in the winter.

  • Their beers are great too!

  • My favorite beer is: Tank Ride Russian Imperial Stout

Salish Sea Brewing - Edmonds, Washington

  • Live in the Seattle area? Ever been to Edmonds? I live in Edmonds and LOVE the quaint downtown. It feels like a smaller scale Ballard and has some amazing small restaurants. Salish Sea Brewing is one that I had wanted to go to for quite some time and went for the first time this last summer. It has some great beer and AMAZING pretzels.

  • My favorite beer is: Blackfish Oatmeal Stout or Double IPA

Scuttlebutt Brewing - Everett, Washington

  • Scuttlebutt has a great tasting room as well as a restaurant with an extensive menu! I enjoyed a great burger when I was there last and of course, I had to try their beer.

  • My favorite beer is: Galeforce IPA

Stoup Brewing - Seattle, Washington

  • Again, with the super awesome places to drink in Ballard. This brewery is in a neighborhood and in the summer, it leaves the garage door open! They have been known to host some fun events, including a game that looked like curling, but in the sand.

  • My favorite beer is: Haymaker Triple IPA

Triple Horn Brewery - Woodinvile, WA

  • If you are looking for a change of pace in Woodinville, which is known for the wineries, then make a stop at Triple Horn.

  • I have heard from several friends that I had to try this place. It is a fun place where you can bring in your own food and just hang out.

  • My favorite beer was their IPA.

Writing this list, it really made me realize how much I love beer. I am sure I am forgetting 1 or 2 breweries that I have visited over the years. Have you been to any of these? What is your favorite?

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