Travel With Me: Seattle, Washington

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Those of you who know me are probably thinking…travel, Seattle? But you live there! It’s true. I do live here, but not in the heart of Seattle! Sometimes it’s just fun to do those touristy things in your own city! You are always learning new things!

If you are in Seattle for a weekend, here are my suggestions for a truly touristy weekend!

Day 1:

Start your day out early. I would suggest heading to Pikes Place when it opens simply so you can check out everything before the crowds arrive. To be honest, it’s always kind of crowded at Pikes Place, but that’s part of the experience. Check out the flying fish at the fish market, take your picture with the big bronze pig, buy up all the fresh produce and seafood you can, as well as all those fresh flowers!

While you are still at Pikes Place, make your way to the back alley to the gum wall. Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds, a wall full of people’s gum. Kind of gross but pretty awesome! There is that distinct smell of flavors of gum….mixed with spit. It’s worth a picture or two.

Make your way next to SAM or the Seattle Art Museum! There are several floors to this museum that contain art from all different centuries. I loved the glass man made from old glass bottles.

After an afternoon in the Seattle Art Museum, I would suggest heading down to the waterfront just on the other side of Pikes Place Market and take a ride on the Seattle Ferris Wheel located at the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was recently put up to celebrate the World’s Fair the came to Seattle in 1962. The little pods you ride in are air conditioned and heated..depending on the time of year you go. I took the ride about a year ago and it was amazing!

If you have worked up an appetite from all that sight seeing, I would recommend trying one of Seattle’s famous hot dog carts. They usually only come out in the evenings! My favorite hot dog has caramelized onions, and cream cheese!

In the evening take a ghost tour around Seattle! I have taken two different ones: one that drove you to various spots around Seattle and its surrounding neighborhoods and one that was a walking tour around downtown. Both were different and I learned a lot about the history of the ghosts in Seattle!

Day 2:

To start the day off, I would say to head to the Pacific Science Center. It is a place to learn all about science and how things work. They have several exhibits such as the universe, dinosaurs, tidal pools with live sea life and they also feature IMAX movies that can be included in your experience. My favorite thing to do at the Science Center is their outdoor water area. It includes a water ball where you have to slowly gain traction and speed to get the ball moving, spray guns to targets, and taking a ride in their kayak.

Pacific Science Center

Next, take a tour that shows you different areas of Seattle including what Seattle looks like from Lake Washington! Ride the Ducks is a tour I took on a whim with some friends. Its a giant boat on wheels that drives you around downtown Seattle playing songs that you would remember from your childhood. They end the tour by heading into Lake Washington showing you where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed and all the houseboats along the shore! Be sure to buy a duck noise maker!

End your day by catching a baseball or soccer game! We regularly go and watch the Mariners and Sounders. Seattle has great fans so chances are we will hook you with our team spirit and be cheering for our teams by the end of the night!

Day 3:

Start your morning out in the neighborhood of Fremont. They have a beautiful Fremont market on Sunday mornings. This includes everything from fresh baked goods, to produce, to homemade arts and crafts!

Since you are in the neighborhood, make your way to the famous Fremont Troll! It’s a fun place to take some pictures, and they even have various events that happen right in front of the troll.

Next, head back downtown and visit the Space Needle! It’s not hard to miss and the views at the top are amazing! The top slowly spins so if you hang out in the restaurant long enough you will see an entire 360 degree view of Seattle!

Finish your night by having a feast! A clambake to be exact! I love to eat at the Crab Pot whenever I can. It can be expensive if you order a lot, but I share the feast with my boyfriend. We get bibs, complete with crab openers. They throw corn, mussels, crab, sausage, shrimp, and many other things out onto the table and you just dig in.

If you have visited Seattle or live in Seattle and have some suggestions for things to do in Seattle, let me know! It’s always exciting to find something new in your own backyard!

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