Plan With Me: Are You Following This Facebook Group?

*Hi fellas. For any guys reading this post, sorry, this one is for the ladies!

For all you ladies out there who are OBSESSED with travel, or who are looking for those insider tips you search hours and hours for on Pinterest, this group is for you!

Search for the group Girls Love Travel and request to join! As long as you are a lady, you will be admitted! Once you are in, go crazy!

Few things to note:

  • You cannot self-promote (provide a personal blog, Instagram handle, etc.), unless you do it in "Toot You Own Horn Tuesday" or any of the specific posts done by the creator Haley telling you it is OK.

  • There are 500,000 members in the group which means that there are a ton of posts that go up every day. Chances are, your question have already been asked. Use the search tool within the group to see if you can browse old posts

  • If you see a post from someone that you want updates on for yourself, use the drop down in the post and select "turn on notifications"

  • There are meet ups that happen in various cities around the world. Keep an eye out for a meet up in your area

  • There are also sub groups to the Girls Love Travel group including:

  • Overnight

  • Fitness

  • Moms

  • Adventure

  • Book Club

  • 35+

  • Pride

  • Curvy Girls

If you are also in a travel rut and not sure where to travel next, this group will help inspire you and also expose you to places you may not have even heard of!

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