Travel With Me: Brewery Party Bus in Austin, Texas

What do you think of when you think of Austin, Texas? Roadkill? Cowboys? When I think of Texas, I think of good BBQ and some cool breweries. I got the opportunity to go to Austin recently for my friend's 30th birthday and was excited to hear that a Brewery party bus was planned! I helped pick a few breweries and was up for any great BBQ place the driver recommended.

The craft beer scene is still pretty new in Austin. It is as new as 1994 when there were only around a dozen craft breweries in the whole state of Texas. Now, you can find 50 breweries easily in Austin alone! The great thing about Austin breweries is that a lot of them have outdoor spaces for drinking that get to be used throughout the year due to their generally warm weather!

Why a party bus

A party bus for a large group (we had 16) makes sense! For $45 each, you can get a bus that will safely drive you around for the whole day and will take you to what ever breweries you want! You are in charge of the day. If you want to spend the wholeeee day at a brewery, you can, but I definitely don't recommend doing that. Also, you get to arrive at these breweries in style!

What can you bring on a party bus

We got to bring decorations to put up in honor of our friend's 30th birthday. You can also bring all the alcohol you can drink! Run out? You can also ask your driver to make a stop for more. Our party bus provided us with some cups and some ice. Don't forget your I.D., you will be going in breweries, after all.

Recommended route

Our first stop of the day was at Hops and Grain Brewing. We did a tasting flight and by far my favorite was their Stout. This brewery is known for their stance on sustainability. They focus on sustainability efforts in the areas of environmental stewardship, community involvement and industry leadership.

Man, this BBQ was good. Pick your sides, and then pick your meat for the true BBQ experience. I loved my creamed corn, mac n cheese and brisket! We also enjoyed the beef rib, jalapeno sausage and smoked turkey! We didn't hear a bad word from anyone in our group so we highly recommend it!

The best part of this brewery is the brewery itself. There is a great outdoor space to enjoy beers and there is also a huge hangar facility including a stage for local bands to perform. This brewery has been around since 2006 but before that, they used to smuggle their beer at Austin City Limits Music Festival!

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