Travel With Me: 5 Clubs to Visit in Las Vegas

It is kind of embarrassing to say I have been going to Las Vegas pretty regularly for the last seven years. The addiction started when I was 22 and went for the first time with my best friend to celebrate her 21st birthday. Since then, I have found a way to make it there about every six months. Surprisingly, I didn't actually start going to pool parties and clubs until a little over 3 years ago when I went for a girls weekend. I went to a day club and 3 nightclubs and was hooked. I am really into some loud, bass thumping, house music and that is a lot of what the Vegas club scene is about. I have compiled my favorite clubs (day clubs, night clubs and more casual clubs) for you to check out the next time you are in Vegas.

All of these clubs I visited during a Labor Day weekend. During popular holidays, it is common to see big name headlines which is awesome!

XS Nightclub

One of my favorite day clubs AND night clubs! This club is located at the Encore down on the north end of the strip. If you are planning to spend a lot of time here during your trip, my recommendations on what hotel to stay at are: obviously the Encore, if you want to save some money, stay at the Mirage. It was a great central location so we could also spend time in the Linq Promenade.

Encore Beach Club

We were there for Dillon Francis. Make sure to get on the list for XS whether you are going day or night. We were able to get a few free drinks and were loving on mimosas since obviously it was earlier in the day! The day club has a great atmosphere, is always crowded and has enough space so you don't feel totally crowded.

Surrender Nightclub

You can tell that we love spending time at Encore. The year we were there, the headline artist was Kaskade one night and Lil Jon. If you like house music or like more up beat music, you need to check him out! He created some of my favorite songs. This club also has my FAVORITE atmosphere. It is where the Encore Beach Club is. By the end of the evening we were standing in the pool listening to amazing music.


Marquee is located in the Cosmopolitan in the center of the strip. The Cosmopolitan is also a beautiful hotel to stay at and you can get some rooms with balconies or floor to ceiling windows that face the Bellagio fountain and the Linq High Roller.

During the day, Marquee is a popular day club with great music (typically no popular headline artists). This club is always crowded. If you get your name on the list, you will be able to take advantage of free drinks until 1 pm.

Travel Tip: A few dollar tip every time you go up for a free drink will ensure you get an extra pour of liquor. Visit different bartenders back to back so you can stock up on your free drinks when it gets close to the end of the time.

During the evening, Marquee is a 3 level night club. Each floor offers different music and a different atmosphere. There are inside dance floors and you can also go out to the pool area where you probably just partied earlier that day!


I had been wanting to go to Hakkasan for years! Finally, I was able to go last Labor Day with my girlfriends. Hakkasan is located in the MGM Grand which is also in the center of the strip near the Cosmopolitan. Some other hotels you can stay at are: New York, New York, Paris, Excalibur, or Planet Hollywood.

Steve Aoki was also headlining that night (he is one of my favorites). If you try to come to this club at 12 or 1 am, you will see about 10 different lines of people. It is insane. We got on a list and arrive around 10:30 pm so that we could get in early. Well, we ended up being one of the first ones in there, but we were able to explore the club before it filled up!

Overall Las Vegas club tip: Get on lists, and ask for free drinks. Once you have to start paying for drinks or shots, you will be looking at $15 plus for each one (even a Bud Light).

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