We Spent a Day at a Remote Beach Club on Capri

Have you ever been to a beach club before? There is something so luxurious about the thought of a beach club. Before this trip, my version of a beach / day club consisted of loud house music being blasted, drinks being poured, and lots of foam...aka a classic Vegas day club!

This is the story of how we found ourselves at La Fontelina on the island of Capri in Italy.

It was about 5 months ago. I decided to watch a few YouTube videos on Capri and Positano to try and find a few hidden gems that I hadn't found while researching the trip on Google Maps and Pinterest. I ended up watching a video that included La Fontelina. The YouTuber said that this was her second time on Capri and made sure to come back to La Fontelina. After seeing some clips of the beach club and also how remote it seemed to be, I decided we HAD to build that into our Capri day.

Some history about La Fontelina

  • 1949: La Fontelina officially opened

  • 1960's: The International Jet Set discovered Capri and it was in this period that Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Clark Gable and numerous other stars of the silver screen visited the Fontelina.

  • 1987: The restaurant was destroyed in a storm. The restaurant was passed to new owners who rebuilt.

Fontelina has become a successful business, employing dozens of people. On the terrace, shaded by a pergola made of chestnut wood and straw mats, where once ten people might have eaten, now as many as a hundred customers dine at any one time.

Other than this, little has changed. The atmosphere of the place, created by the generations who have invested their lives and livelihood here, is still the same. An ambience which goes beyond that created by the sky, the sea and spaghetti con le vongole.

There are 2 ways to get to La Fonteilna

By Foot: It takes about 30 minutes from the center of Capri. There is a small path next to the Tragara viewing point where you then walk down a winding path. Shoes or sturdy sandals are recommended for this.

By Boat: This is the route we took both ways, simply due to the time we had on the island. It is also a super picturesque way to travel as well. You can arrange La Fontelina's private boat service ahead of time, which will pick you up from the pier at Marina Piccola. You can find the pier by going down the steps that says "beach" and hanging a left. We got lost trying to find it at first. It will be 25 Euro for up to 4 people and 6 Euro for any additional people. This cost is a one way cost.

Get there Early

We arrived at about 10:30 and were able to enjoy the beach club with only about 6 other people there. It is so remote, most people either don't know about it or didn't want to make the trip down. Though they say on the website that the employees place you where they want, we were able to choose from a few locations. Make sure you take some photos early to get the best people-free shots.

There are costs with everything at this club, as you should expect:

  • 28 Euro: Entry with use of changing room, shower, sun lounger or deck chair

  • 15 Euro: Beach umbrella

  • 10 Euro: Beach Towel

We ended up only paying the 28 Euro per person as it was still not warm enough to swim, nor were the water levels high enough or calm enough to swim. We were okay relaxing in the sun for a few hours.

There is a full drink menu. We ended up ordering about 8 20oz Peroni beers for about 8 Euro each, which wasn't as bad as we were expecting.

Make a Lunch Reservation

When we made the beach club reservation, we also made sure to make a lunch reservation as well. When we were there, they had 2 lunch times: 1PM and 3PM. The home page of their website now says open between 1 - 3PM, but on the restaurant page still says the 2 sitting times. Either way, make a reservation to eat there.

We enjoyed some amazing octopus pasta, salad and more beer! There is nothing that I could complain about at the restaurant. They bring you bread so make sure you make the olive oil and salt and pepper mixture to dip your bread in.

To make a reservation for the beach club and/or the restaurant, visit their website.

Bathing Suit Recommendations

There are so many vibrant blues in Capri. I highly recommend picking some bright tones that will look great in photos!

Women's Picks:

Men's Picks:

Have you been to La Fontelina or any other beach club in the world that you recommend? Leave it in the comments!

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