The Ultimate Guide to a Day in Capri

Capri is one of those places that you have to make time for when visiting Italy. Without question, we knew we had to devote one whole day to exploring Capri. Even though the island is small, there are SO MANY things to do. At one point when I was mapping out our route, I was worried we wouldn't be able to fit in the main things we wanted to see, however, it all ended up working out like it was supposed to do. If you want a little bit of relaxation, a little bit of site seeing, and a little bit of food, you have come to the right spot! Keep reading to hear all about my recommendations for a perfect day in Capri.

Start your day early

It is no secret, the best way to maximize your time is to be up early. Yes, even on vacation we are up early most days to be able to see as much as we can.

From Sorrento, there are ferrys going all day long as early as even 7AM. I recommend pre-booking your ferry tickets both there and back. Especially in the summer months when it is a lot more crowded and much more likely to sell out. We took the 8:10 AM ferry and were there by 8:40 AM. It is a pretty quick ride.

Tip: I highly recommend wearing layers and bringing a small backpack to store your layers. It can be cool in the morning and evening as we learned when we were there.

Is the Blue Grotto Open?

Once you get off the ferry, immediately check with the various stands to see if the Blue Grotto is open. Unfortunately, the weather didn't agree with us that day and we were unable to see it, but here are a few tips and tricks for having the best change of seeing the blue grotto:o

  • Don't pre-book your blue grotto tour. Chances are the tour also includes a trip around the island of Capri. However, if the blue grotto isn't open, you won't get your money back.

  • There are a bunch of blue grotto / island tour people waiting for you as you walk off the ferry. You should expect to pay around 20 Euro for JUST the boat to the blue grotto. Know that it is JUST to take you out to the tiny row boats that then take you in the grotto. That small row boat is another 10 Euro. You will need cash.

  • One of the tour hosts also told us that we can check the Facebook page for updates on the status of the blue grotto. Follow this Facebook page if you are planning to go to Capri and want to see the blue grotto. Hit "see translation" if you can't read Italian.

Start your day with a Limoncello Slush

Don't leave Marina Grande so fast! I'm sure by this point on your trip, you have had limoncello. Either way, you have to stop in one of the restaurants for a limoncello slush. I recommend stopping at Bar Aprea. Don't let the reviews scare you. We had a really good pizza and multiple limoncello slushes!

Use the Funicular

What is a funicular? It is basically a trolley that takes you up the hill on a track. It also saves you about 20 minutes of walking yourself up the hill. To get tickets, head over to the ferry ticket area. The front window has tickets for the funicular. They are about 5 Euro for a round trip ride.

I've heard in the summer months, the line for both the tickets and the ride can be very long. You can also take the bus up the hill. Just plan accordingly when you come back down to catch the ferry so you don't miss it.

Grab a road drink

Yes, you need another limoncello slush for the road. Did you find out you can walk and drink at the same time? Yeah, it's pretty great. We found a stand right at the top of the funicular where we also had him add limoncello on top since their slush didn't actually include any alcohol.

Walk to Marina Piccola

Google Maps will give you some good directions on how to get from Capri down to Marina Piccola. It is a super easy 15 minute walk and is all downhill (see, the road drink comes in handy). Once you get on the path down, you can follow the signs that will lead you there.

Spend a few hours at the beach..or a beach club

You can either stop at Marina Piccola, which there are a ton of restaurants and beach bars to hang out at as well as a few beachy areas to soak in the sun and swim!

However, you can also turn your experience up a few notches and go to a beach club.There are a few on the island, but we chose to spend some time at La Fontelina. If you missed it, I did a whole blog post on it that you can check out here! If you are looking to relax, this is the most secluded!

Take a ride in a taxi..but not just any taxi

We first started seeing these vintage looking taxi's in Capri that were uncovered in the back and the driver was covered in the front! We decided to save some time by taking one of these from Marina Piccola over to Anacapri.

FYI - You can take the public but but you have to go from Marina Piccola to Capri then Capri to Anacapri. This could take you an hour based on how full the buses are and your connection time.

Like on the Amalfi Coast, the drivers here are confident. They drive fast and round corners like they own the road! It was definitely the way to go.

Head to the highest point on the island

Are you afraid of heights? Well, get over it and get on the single chair lift up to Mount Solaro. The ride takes about 15 minutes where you have some pretty amazing views along the way! When you get to the top, walk around the perimeter where you can find some amazing photo spots and views! It is crazy how far you can see. Then, grab a drink and find a seat along the perimeter.

Head to Capri and do some shopping

Take another taxi back into town, because I am sure you saw the line for that bus and didn't want to wait. In Capri there are shops for pretty much anything you can think of. Souvenirs, luxury items, etc. We wandered through the super cute streets and just let ourselves get lost for a bit.

Leave yourself an hour and take the funicular back down to Marina Grande

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, make sure you leave yourself at least an hour to be able to get on the funicular back down to Marina Grande. Depending on the time of year, you may miss one or two funiculars. We got to the bottom with time to spare and grabbed a drink at Bar Corallo, which has outside seating right along the water.

To be safe, we ended up booking the 2nd to last ferry back to Sorrento, which was at 6:00PM. As we found on this ferry, there were a lot of people on this boat who had actually booked earlier ferrys but decided to take a later one. Keep this in mind when you are booking your return that it may be more crowded than normal.

My outfit details

That was our day on Capri! Besides the Blue Grotto, we were able to see everything we wanted and didn't feel rushed. Have you been to Capri? What did you do that you loved?

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