2020 Travel Plans for HMG Travels the World

I always love writing out exactly where I am planning on going for the following year. Typically by November the prior year, I have a good idea of where I plan to use up all of my work vacation time. When I write it out, it helps me to actually follow through and make these trips happen.

Also - one thing to note: I definitely make time to experience travels with friends. I find people who share the same travel style as me and invite them on a bunch of trips! This year, all but one trip (maybe) will be spent traveling with either some girl friends or my husband + friends!


This will be my first trip of the year! This will also be my 14th trip to Las Vegas. This will be my 4th work trip and my 14th trip in general. This year we will be staying at Harrah's Hotel & Casino. I have never stayed here, but I am excited because the location is AMAZING. We have 2 evening activities planned where we can just walk or take the monorail. We always fly in a few nights early so we can get some of the pre-event work done and then have some fun! We haven't looked in to what we will be doing this year, but we always find something new.

After my week of work in Vegas, I will be flying to San Diego to meet two of my girl friends to have a three night getaway. I am excited to be back in San Diego after 5 years. I wasn't as in to breweries back then and there are so many good ones in SD that I want to check out.


The long awaited trip to SF is finally happening! I bought the Harry Potter play tickets LAST April and can't wait to see it. We have friends that live in SF, so we are planning to fly in 1 day earlier to see them then meet up with my friends for the 2 part play that will take up our entire Sunday.

May / June

An extended layover in Iceland wasn't initially planned, but the mile redemption for the flight we were eyeing doubled, so we chose a flight that allowed us 24 hours in Iceland. I am actually pretty excited to see some amazing waterfalls and landscapes!

We are taking my dad on this trip and his background is Norwegian & German. Since Norway wasn't a part of the cruise we are taking, we added Oslo as a stop pre-cruise. I am still working out the details of what we will be doing while there.

Copenhagen is the starting point for our cruise. We will arrive about 24 hours prior to the cruise and will be staying a night right off the famous Nyhaven street! Of course, I have some breweries saved as well.

Technically this port of call is labeled as "Berlin," however, Berlin is 3 hours inland. I don't want to spend 6 hours out of my day just traveling to Berlin, so I have created a mini self tour of: Rostock and Schwerin and if we have time, Lubeck.

We will be going to two cities in Sweden: Gothenburg and Stockholm. We will be going to Gothenburg on our train trip from Oslo down to Copenhagen. Stockholm is part of our cruise ports of call.

We will be docking in Helsinki!

We will be docking in Tallinn. I really never thought I would visit Estonia. It wasn't high on my country list, but I am actually excited after doing some research.

For me, this may be the highlight of the entire trip. We will be docked in St. Petersburg for 2 days. I CANNOT wait to see the Winter Palace, Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, Peterhof Palace, and Catherine Palace. I am sure there are many more things I will be excited to visit as I research more.


We are planning to spend 4th of July in Whistler with a few friends.

This trip will be for my friend's bachelorette party.


I can't wait to head back and explore more of England. We are planning to go see the Highclere Castle (site of Downton Abbey), and take the train to see a futbol match in maybe Sheffield or Newcastle.

Our friends really want to see Scotland so we will probably go back to Edinburgh. I loved Edinburgh so I don't mind exploring it a bit more.

This is a new country for all of us! We will spend 4 days exploring the country. I'm sure we will learn to pour a Guinness and see the Cliffs of Mohr.

Munich will be our home base for about 4 or 5 days. 1 or 2 of those days in Munich will be spent at Oktoberfest! I also really want to take a day trip from Munich to Salzburg, Austria.


We will get to ring in the new year in HAWAII! One of my college friends is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. He is planning to get married right on the beach in Kona (where he lives).

What travel plans do you have for 2020? How far in advance are you planning them out? I would love to know!

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