Travel With Me: Eat & Drink Your Way Through Edinburgh

When I travel, food isn't always on the top of my list of things I MUST research, but then I started dating someone who loves good food so that all changed. When planning this latest trip to Europe, I let him pick out places that he wanted to try (with a few Pinterest suggestions from me). Here are some places I recommend when you are in Edinburgh next!

For traditional Scottish fare:

Pretty much any of the pubs and restaurants will have traditional Scottish food. We ate at Tolbooth Tavern which is a historic location right in the middle of the Royal Mile. Make sure you try the Haggis Tower which is layers of totties (potatoes), neeps (turnips), meat and a whiskey sauce. Also try some bangers n mash which is always a safe option!

Tip: Also try a Deuchars IPA and Caledonian beer

For a quick, tasty breakfast:

When I plan trips, I am on the go early in the morning. We happened to stumble across this restaurant called Wanderlust Cafe and Bistro. We enjoyed an amazing Eggs Royale (which I ended up ordering again any time I saw it on a menu on this trip) and some amazing coffee. This bistro was also very aesthetically pleasing!

For a casual pizza and beer night:

Head to Brewdogs! It turns out this is a pretty popular brewery that was recommend to us several times. It was a bit hard to find at first but when we got there it was PACKED but the place had great energy, great pizza and amazing beer! We got Brewdogs beer another time while on this trip as well!

For beer tasting:

Head to the Hanging Bat. We got there right when it opened at 12 and enjoyed the place to ourself. We shared a beer tasting flight and learned all about the different styles of beer they served including Cask style beer, which is served room temperature. This style was something I was not used to. We loved chatting about beer with the bartender. He was super excited about an expensive California beer he had managed to get in the bar.


For an Instagram place to drink:

Head to the Dome. The place is full of character and the whole reason we went was because of the incredible stained glass dome in the main restaurant (hence the name). If you take photos to share on Instagram, this is a place you can't miss.

For amazing pulled pork:

OMG, the cheapest and BEST meal I had in Edinburgh was at Oink. There are now a few in Edinburgh and I am sad that we found out one was just a block from our hotel on our last day there! It is a pretty straight forward menu. Pick the size of your bun, and select the sauce you want on your pulled pork sandwich. That's it. The pulled pork is some of the best I have ever had!

For a whisky flight:

Head to Whiski, located on the Royal Mile. You can't go to Scotland without tasting some Scottish Whisky. I am definitely not a whisky drinker, but my fiancé loved it

Of course, this only scratched the surface of places to eat in Edinburgh. If you have any suggestions of places I must visit when I eventually return, let me know in the comments!

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