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Top Golf has been growing in popularity, and locations, the past few years. The company is currently opening about 12 per year and have officially gone international. One of their biggest upcoming locations will be their Dubai location! I have been to three Top Golf locations so far and it is one of my favorite places to hang out with a group when we are out of town!

Can't golf? Don't worry! This isn't a traditional golf experience. Think of a driving range, but with targets to hit! There is no skill needed.


$5 one time membership fee. Once you are in their system, you are able to play at any Top Golf.

Hourly rates

9 - 12pm - $25/hour

12 - 5pm - $35/hour

5 - close - $45/hour

Each bay can host 1-6 players. Top Golf is a fun group activity and can be pretty inexpensive with the full 6 players at each bay!


The three locations I have visited, there have been 3 levels you can golf from. The higher up you are, the better view you will have of the full playing field. The groups I have been with have enjoyed being on the 2nd or 3rd levels. Each bay has seating: either bar height tables or lounge couches. You can order food and drinks to your bay.

Simply swipe your membership card, select a game, and you are good to go!

Top Golf games

Locations I have visited

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Arguably one of the best views at a Top Golf, this location is set right off the strip. This location is right behind the MGM. At night, with the Top Golf targets and the strip lights in full force, the atmosphere is amazing.

Scottsdale, Arizona

  • The Scottsdale location sits right in front of the Talking Stick resort. Again, I loved this view at night. The hotel is lit up at night!

Austin, Texas

  • This is the most recent location I have visited. This Top Golf is outside of downtown, but we almost got the place to ourselves. The view is nothing special, but we still had the same, great service.

Other Top Golf cities

Have you been to a Top Golf? What was your experience?

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